NH Senate unanimously passes knife rights bill!

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    NH Senate unanimously passes knife rights bill!



    NH State Rep. Jennifer Coffey sponsored a bill that would remove the restrictions on the sale/carry of double-edge blades and switch knives. The bill adds language stating that using said weapons with intent to commit a crime, or using said weapons in a felony is a separate crime by itself, ranging from Class B Misdemeanor to Class B Felony. The vote was passed by the 400-strong, Democrat-Majority House, and unanimously approved by the NH Senate.

    The bill now goes to Gov. Lynch for approval.

    NH has a civilian legislature. They meet part-time, and members are paid exactly $100.00 per year, plus mileage to Concord. This bill gained support largely through online petitions and other grassroots efforts.

    Way to go, Rep. Coffey! Way to go, New Hampshire!

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  2. arnisador

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    That's great! What a common-sense approach.
  3. Carol

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    It is very sensible. It has to be! We have approximately one rep for every 3000 citizens, so when you have 400 people all trying to get their ideas through the legislature in a 5-6 month time frame, the sensible, concise bills usually win out.

    I just hope Gov. Lynch hurries up and signs it. I want to get some new tools. :D
  4. Leopard

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    happy to hear NH has passed a positive law is at least trying to

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