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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by Taomonkey, Feb 10, 2009.

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    The Oklahoma Chapter of the IPMAF would like to announce our new website at

    Please check it out and tell us how it looks.

    The Tulsa Arnis Club meets Tuesday and Thrusday evenings at 8:00pm at the TULSA MARTIAL ARTS dojo at 5123 S 110th East Ave in Tulsa, OK
  2. Checked it out. Nice site! Particularly like the quote on the home page. THANK YOU, Master* Kendal Coats for your staunch support of GGM and his organization. We are very lucky to have you; and Oklahoma is lucky to have you! Best wishes to you and your students.

    *As usual, the very humble Kendal refers to himself as simply "Guro"; even though he has Master ranking in IPMAF/Kombatan. He may have a new school site and consquently new web site, but he has been IPMAF Secretary General for Oklahoma for many years now. Great work, Kendal!

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