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Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by bangkil, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. bangkil

    bangkil New Member

    Hello Friends..

    Check out our youtube channel for videos i posted..i added the first demonstration that Mandirigmang Kaliradman did in 1998 during the Philippines 100th celebration..hope you all enjoy..
    here's the Link:
  2. DonKey

    DonKey New Member

    good stuff, that clumsy white dude needs some work though....
  3. Banakun

    Banakun New Member

    Hahahahaha... those were the days! We were all young and most imprtantly... SLIM! Hahahahahaha WITH HAIR TO BOOT! Now I'm a bit chunky and losing my hair!
  4. Supremo

    Supremo New Member


    Welcome Leo to FMATALK. This is Tom, nephew of Guro Elmer.

  5. bangkil

    bangkil New Member

    hello Tom....glad to reconnect with LSAI/LESKAS even through this medium....

    regarding the vids..I agree with Banakun..we all years ago ..glad that MK has flourished all throughout this time.....How's Jay anyway Nols?

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