New Tuhon in Pekiti tirsia Kali

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  1. Tym C.

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    Congrats Tuhon Leslie, ordering from you was easy and fast. Hopefully i will get the chance to train with you some day.

    Cangrats Tuhon Tim, Sorry i missed you when you were in Philly with Rob. had a wedding and St. Paddy's day.
  2. slapstick

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    New Tuhon in Europe


    there is a new Tuhon in Europe...

    Congrats to "the conqueror" Tuhon Uli Weidle from Germany/Europe.

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  3. Brian R. VanCise

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  4. Congratulations Tuhon Uli.

    I was not sure if what I heard before was accurate because these promotions were generally announced at a public event. Glad to see it is real.

    Congratulations from Canada.

    Mandala Tuhon Philip Gelinas
    Pekiti Tirsia Canada
    Kali Coast to Coast
  5. LegendLoLo

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    May you pass the interest and knowledge to other people.

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