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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Datu Dieter, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Datu Dieter

    Datu Dieter Junior Member

    Hi everybody,

    I have uploaded a few Tapi-Tapi clips to YouTube

    YouTube - Datu Dieter Knüttel - Modern Arnis Basic Tapi-Tapi and more
    YouTube - Datu Dieter Knüttel - Modern Arnis in Russia 5
    YouTube - Datu Dieter Knüttel - Modern Arnis in Russia 6

    Have a look if you like


    Dieter Knüttel
  2. Datu Dieter

    Datu Dieter Junior Member

  3. garland

    garland New Member

    Thanks for the videos.

    I have a few points to make and I mean no disrespect - know that up front.

    First I thought your speed in the Tapi-Tapi demo was impressive. A question I have is were the moves pre-arranged? Or did you flow freely?
    I understand for the purposes of demonstration you may have elected to pre-arrange the moves.

    Second, I found that a good portion of your demos and training looked good (in my eyes, for what it's worth) but I did have an issue with what looked to be a compliant partner. Have you ever tried those drills in a non-compliant fashion? For instance when doing the break out of the choke where you are pinned on the wall, what if he resisted and struggled against it? To me, that is where the true strengths of Arnis are shown; my old instructor loved when we would struggle against a move so he could demonstrate the fluidity of the art. Not to mention served a valuable lesson to the student in learning to think fast and use what tools they have in an active fashion.

    I figure maybe they simply edited it out; but I was curious as to if that was part of your regular training regimen.

    Thanks again for the videos and keep them coming :)
  4. Mono

    Mono Member

    @ garland:

    I am not Datu and I am sure he will reply himself soon as well...

    From my point of view I would like to comment on your questions:

    1. The way we (at DAV) train Tapi Tapi is based on a "frame" wherefrom you learn certain Methods of Attack and defense - in a way you might call this "prearranged blocks of learning" (in a way compareable to the "grouped Balintawak") - after you lerned a certain concept/move etc. you go free-flow...

    2. As to the point of "uncooperative Partners" - the Clips here show demonstrations during a Seminar to mainly beginning Students and the other Clip during an Exhibition (so its more for Show...). I think it was not intended in either case that the techniques were shown at the level of "full resistance" - also, if you do Tapi Tapi "all out" with full technique and full resistance, it would only last 2-3 MAYBE 4 Strikes/Moves...

    Concerning your question "do they work if your partner tries to resist" - yes they do! Mybe not in that specific combination - but first of all - whenever Datu get a Hold of you, you dont WANT to resist any more :Eyecrazy: - and second, its all "go with the Flow"... and it does not mater what you try agains any of his moves - you will get countered, hit, trapped, locked, hurt ;)

    Thats my point of view from the "recieving End" of Datu Dieters Techniques...

    I hope that helps a little!

    Philipp "Mono" Wolf
  5. Datu Dieter

    Datu Dieter Junior Member

    No problem.

    No, it was not pre-arranged.
    In the DAV, we have a framework in the Tapi-Tapi, from where we actually start the techniques. This framework consists out of Single Sinawali, angles 1 - 12 and some butting techniqes and some more. All those techniques are executed with the right hand as well as with the left hand.
    In these cilps, I am free flowing within this framework. This is why I call it basic Tapi Tapi. The techniques I demonstrate here ( Modern Arnis in Russia 6), are the requirement for the 3rd student level exam. Nothing advanced yet.

    Yes, they work very well against an opponent, whích resisted.
    The reason why they look so easy is, that all parts of the movements work together.
    And if you feel resistance and cannot do one move, you switch to another. This is a very important element in out Modern Arnis, that we emphasize in the advanced student leven, meaning blue and brown belt and opf course in the black belt levels. We call it "situational acting"

    Yes, it is.

    Here I have uploaded another clip, where I am beyond the basic level and go into the baiting concept. I do this, then you have to do that, because otherwise I wil do... This in more advanced material.

    This is a seminar clip of Professor Remy Presas. In the 2nd half, you see also some Tapi-Tapi.


    Dieter Knüttel
  6. garland

    garland New Member

    Thanks for the answers. I especially like that you free-flowed with the Tapi-Tapi on the demo. That's what I always found so powerful about a good arnis demo - it's almost never pre-arranged; though as you can see even to a practicioner such as myself it can still appear that way!

    Thanks again!
  7. garland

    garland New Member

    Oh on a side note the new clips look alot more on par with what I'm used to seeing (and being on the receiving end from) with my former arnis school. Good stuff! :)
  8. stick fighter

    stick fighter Member

    Thanks alot GM: deter

    the clips is very nice but i can not download from

    if you know any program tell me please .

    thanks again.
  9. Datu Dieter

    Datu Dieter Junior Member

    You can use the "VideoDownloader". It works with the Firefox browser, I don't know, if it works with others browsers too.
    Here is a link.

    Otherwise, search programs, that you can download flash videos with.


    Dieter Knüttel

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