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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by sjansen, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    I got some new sticks today form the Phillipines. I recieved two pair of kamagong sticks and they are all that I had hoped for and more. I weighed them and all weigh in at 410 grams. Yes each and every one is the exact same weight. I also recieved a free pair of rattan "seconds" free of charge that Simon said he had laying around and shipped because he had extra wieght for shipping. They look to be better than any of the rattan stick I have bought before. I also bought some dulo-dulos from him and they are the same. Perfect. He even sent a third dulo that he said was a second, but i can't see anything wrong with it.

    I have destroyed all the rattan sticks that I got from I&I, Century, and others. Even his seconds look to be stronger.

    If you want great service and great sticks please talk to the Simon at Although he says it will take two to three weeks for anything to arrive, I have recieved multiple shipments from him in less than 2 weeks.

    I have gotten sticks from many suppliers, but none have been as good or as cheap as these.

    I don't know Simon or who he is, but I will buy anything I need from him in the future.
  2. Thanks very much for your post Scott. I really appreciate it and am very glad that you liked the items.

    Usually the Kamagong I have for sale weighs 450g - 500g but those two sticks were among the last I had in stock. I did have one 450g but feel it is more important that customers receive an equally balanced pair of sticks and if possible the same look too.

    I always aim to send out my packages packed to the brim as the shipping is per KG. As I buy 100s of sticks (and quite a few of the other items) I do have things I classify as "Slight Seconds".

    I do have high standards as I sell on ebay in the main and if the items are not completely perfect I will get complaints and even be suspended - losing my livlihood!

    However, I have seen other suppliers selling items which I personally reject ;)

    If any FMA member wants any equipment just drop me a PM and I will give you a discount to website prices.

  3. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I've been pretty pleased with everything that I've gotten from Simon as well.
  4. Thanks Brock. :)

    I'm getting some more Tumalin in at the end of next week btw. In 2 weeks I'm getting 300 sticks of Labsica. I'm so :) !
  5. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Great, let me check my funds and I'll shoot you an order in a day or so.
  6. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    I used the "seconds" of rattan for three hours today and the only thing that even indicates they were used are a few small dents in the rattan. I have shredded some sticks in less time. We were hitting hard and I was playing against waxwood most of the day. I put more dents in the waxwood then the "seconds" I got from Simon. I had serious stress cracks in the "combat rattan" I got from I&I in 3 hours. The Tiger brand rattan sticks lasted about two weeks. The ones from century 1 week.

    I have also recieved sticks that were 50 grams different from many different suppliers. The care you took to match them (even the "seconds") was not missed by me.

    I gave a set of the kamagong to my Guro and he said that they were too beautiful to use. I am going to try to get him to change his mind, but I think that he likes them too much. By the way, we prefer the lighter sticks to the heavier ones. They were the width that we prefer.

    Simon, you will definately be hearing from me again.

    You have never failed to disapoint and It has happened so frequently in the past.

    Thank you so much,
  7. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    Let me know when you get the sticks in because everyone was asking about them.
  8. I will keep you updated guys.

    Thanks again for your kind comments.
  9. Killbot

    Killbot Sereeus Biznus

    I had to laugh at that. I doubt thats what you meant. lol.

    I can also vouch for the padded sticks I got from you guys. We would always tear through padded sticks like nothing. The canvas shethes around the padding would always rip and the stitching would come undone. I ordered 6 sticks and they are all still in tact....even after grappling with them!!!

    Thanks! I know where I'll order my next set of rattans now. :)
  10. Hi All,

    Just to let you know I have some Palasan Sticks in today.

    I am still waiting on the Tumalin ones which Scott (and a lot of people to be honest) likes but these ones are still good.

    I am selling them as a special set with a bag which will fit 10-12 stick. Take a look:

    [​IMG][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG]
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG]

    The sticks are standard 28" 2-3 node 7/8 inch thick weighing 150g-175g.

    For FMA Talk members I am making the set $65 (bag + 8 sticks!). That's with worldwide shipping included :)

    I bundling the bag as the shipping is per KG and the sticks are in limited supply.

    Either shoot me a PM or an email @

    I'll keep you all updated on my stick deliveries.

  11. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    I am sorry if I was not clear with my previous post, but I have been dissapointed in the past by sticks that I have gotten from other suppliers. Everything I have gotten from Simon has been top notch.
  12. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    I am sorry if I was not cear in my previous post. Everything that I have gotten from Simon at has been top notch. I have been dissapointed by other suppliers in the past.

    I am sorry Simon for my lack of clarity and hope that in no way that if hurts your good name.
  13. Killbot

    Killbot Sereeus Biznus

    Ackk, my poor paypal account... :)

    Thats a really good deal. Gonna have to get that. Good stuff man!

    Also, Sjansen, I knew what you meant. Just the way you worte it and how it came out was totally the oppisite of what you meant it seemed. Simons stuff is always top notch.
  14. I've just had confirmed that I will have a reasonable sized order of Tumalin Rattan delivered next week. :)
  15. Back in stock and ready to rock! :)
  16. StickFan

    StickFan New Member

    Hi, when are you going to update your website? It still says you are sold out.
  17. They are still "Sold out". :(

    I had a high number of rejects so I am currently completing my wholesale backorders.

    More info to follow...
  18. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    The Palisan sticks that Simon sent me are still holding up too. If you want good sticks at a cheap price you will not get any better than what Simon has and you will pay more. I'm in Michigan and don't know Simon and have no reason to do adds for him. Others in my tribe have bought sticks that Simon would consider seconds. They paid more for the seconds than what Simon charges.

    I don't know how I can put it any plainer, but I have bought sticks from many companies and the only one I wil buy them from now is Simon. Whether you want light sticks, medium or heavy, buy them from Simon. You will not regret the purchase. He makes sure you get the best quality for the best price and all sticks he has are matched in weight and size.
  19. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    I agree that Simon has good stuff. I got my bahi and close-node sticks from him and will buy from him again when they finally wear out.

    Simon: I had the honor of teaching at the Inayan Summer camp this past weekend and was swinging your sticks. You are probably going to receive orders from a few Inayan students within the next few weeks!
  20. Thanks to both of you for the kind words.

    Scott - I've just sent you a PM.

    Mike - Glad to hear the sticks are holding up well. Those "Close Node" sticks are really hard to get hold of here in the P.I at the moment (as is a lot of rattan it seems :().

    If I had my way I'd be straight on a plane sorting out a 40ft container delivery and a few guys to rework the rattan. However, a lot of it comes from the "troubled" areas of the P.I so it's not quite straightforward. It's what I hope to do in the future though.

    Luckily, I do have quite a good, steady supply of Bahi :)

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