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Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Woof All:

    Our two new "DBMA Training DVDs/downloads" featuring Guro Lonely Dog should be available in about ten days.

    The "Training DVD/Download" is a new format for us. Unlike the "DBMA DVDs", which have extensive editing, slo-motion, fight footage, etc. these will be simpler, shorter, , , and less expensive.

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Crafty Dog
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    Gym buddy Tony Fryklyn (look him up for his MMA record) saw me doing some exercises with two 8 lb shot puts last week and asked to play with them a bit. Very interesting! So when he saw me today he asked me to join in his wrestling class as a guest instructor and show how to use the puts as a training aid. Frankly, I did next to nothing (even with a healthy shoulder I would not come close to what TF is coming up) but it was awesome to watch him work the concept. As his training partner he chose a guy with a substantial northern gung fu background and showed him how to use the shot puts as a tool to understanding how to apply his kung fu to MMA grappling. VERY cool to be a fly on the wall! Anyway, he and I are making noise about making a download of the material.

    The Adventure continues!
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    One of my good gym buddies is Tony Fryklyn. He was intrigued by some things he saw me doing with shot puts (this has been really good in my rehab of my separated shoulder) so I gave him a few ideas and turned him loose to experiment. He became quite enthused and came up with a whole bunch of things more oriented to MMA clinch whereas my routine is more oriented to "Kali Tudo".

    He suggested I come by his MMA wrestling class the next day with the shot puts and we worked on some interesting things. I was very impressed with how the training method instantly improved the power and fluidity of one's clinch movement.

    So I lent him my 8s (and have been working with my 6s and 4s instead) and he has been working things out for a couple of weeks. The plan is to shoot the first of a series of training clips next week and have it available for download not too long after that.
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    Woof All:

    As many/most of you know, Pekiti Tirisa Kali has been a fertile source of Dog Brothers, is one of the five main FMA systems influencing Inosanto Blend Kali, and is one of the three main FMA systems influencing Dog Brothers Martial Arts. I am a member of the PTK family/tribe and have trained with GT Gaje various times, including at his home in Bacolod.

    As some of you may know, GT Gaje has an ingenious method of training with shot puts to develop heavy hands and I wish to acknowledge the training I had with him in this regard. The training is outstanding and is for him to share or not as he sees fit.

    It is precisely this training that gave me the idea of working with shot puts as part of my rehab of my separated shoulder, but in a very different way. As I began playing with them some ideas new to me revealed themselves in a way that has excited me tremendously. In particular the method has developed my fluidity and power in DBMA's "Time Machine Game" both for sticks and Kali Tudo.

    One of my good gym buddies is the recently retired MMA fighter Tony Fryklund. Tony is a great guy and was a world class fighter who remains in elite shape. He is very much a thinking fighter and I often run my "Kali Tudo" ideas by him as a reality check reference point.

    He saw me working with the shot puts the last few months and one day asked me to show him some things. Great athlete and martial artist that he is he naturally started coming up with some things that intrigued the both of us greatly so he asked me to guest instruct at his MMA Wrestling class. In point of fact he did the teaching as he went on a virtual creative rampage for the whole class exploring the shot puts as a training method.

    This morning we shot the first of a series of Training Downloads involving the DBMA method of training with shot puts. His training partner was "Jace", Tony Stratham's stunt man. Today's shoot focused on some particulars for MMA grappling. Jace was quite stoked and swore to order his own as soon as he got home.

    The Adventure continues!
    Marc/Guro Crafty
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    Well, I'm intrigued! Looking forward to seeing the material.
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    I'm looking at a rough edit already. Turnaround time on this should be rather good :)
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    Our innovtive new training method with shot puts. After an overview by me, I turn things over to noted UFC fighter Tony Fryklund, assisted by the stunt man who is Jason Stratham's double.
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    DVDs in the pipeline:

    1) "Stick Clinch": Guro Crafty & Guro Lonely: due for release in the next two weeks
    2) "Stick Guard and Anti-Guard": Guro Crafty
    3) "Grappling for Stick Fighting": Thomas Holtman "Gong Fu Dog"
    4) "DLO-4: Trauma Care" with 18 Delta Frankie McRae
    5) "DLO-5: Close Quarter Gun Fighting" with Advanced Firearms Special Forces Instructor at Fort Bragg Frankie McRae
    6) Kali Tudo-4: Guro Crafty assisted by DBMA Black Tag Instructor Antone Haley and elite Hollywood stuntman Jace Jeanes.

    By the way folks, know that all of material is or will be included with DBMA Ass'n membership. DLO-4 and DLO-5 are already about 90% up on the Ass'n.

    Walk as a warrior for all your days,
    Guro Crafty/Marc
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    Also, I almost forgot!!!

    7) Linda "Bitch" Matsumi teaching "Women's Unique Carry Issues" for gun, knife, bear spray, and otherwise to solve problems ranging from humans to bears.

    Linda and Eric Pfleger live in Paradise MT and quite literally there is bear and cougar and coyote scat in their back yard, so taking the baby in a back pike to go fishing down at the river presents some very real practical problems and Linda offers many practical solutions.

    As the wife of a street police officer Linda is also quite conscious-- and prepared!-- for two legged problems as well!

    The footage was shot under near wilderness conditions on a phone and I have not seen it yet (it is on its way to Webmaster Bob) but I must say the content and Linda's performance were outstanding! Assuming the footage to be good, this is going to be one awesome download.
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    New Download from Dog Brothers Martial Arts: Stick Clinch

    Since I first brought Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Dog Brothers Real Contact Stick Fighting twenty five years ago (!!!) in September of 1990 there has been a tremendous amount of innovation and development.

    Our first video/DVD in this regard (1993) was Real Contact Stick Fighting-5 in which Top Dog's "Fang Choke" was first brought to public awareness and was accompanied by some masterful teaching by Carlos Machado on the BJJ issues involved. As always, it was "It's DBMA. If you see it taught, you see if fought." These fights, most of which were years before the UFC, upset many classical FMA people who believed that grappling did not happen in stick fights and that our fencing masks were the only reason it did occur in our fights.

    Thus it was that the next DVD in this regard (about 2000?) was "Attacking Blocks" wherein I shared some ideas about how to get to Stick Clinch Range without getting hit in the head-- the fencing mask was there simply as a back up as part of the learning process.

    The footage in this Download was shot at a seminar in Bern, Switzerland (about 2002?). After sharing some ideas about getting to clinch range that were not covered in "Attacking Blocks", Guro Lonely and I go into Stick Clinch with me covering "the Rico" (named after a hold I picked up from wrestling god Rico Chiaparelli) and Guro Lonely teaching his favorite positional variations, many of which lead into "the camel toe". Then the two of us go through a series of "recontras". At forty two minutes this is a bit shorter than usual, but as Wolf Dog said to me when I showed him the raw footage, "That is really content dense!". We think you will agree!

    Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny

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