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    International WEKAF Tournament


    WEKAF USA is proud to announce the 2006 FMA Invitationals

    Friday, July 7 - Saturday, July 8, 2006
    Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort
    Orlando, Fl USA
    New Divisions - New Formats - New Rules
    International Caliber Competition
    [​IMG]Immediately following the 9th World Championships WEKAF will be hosting an Invitational tournament which will feature new types of competition, including padded stickfighting, Largo/Dos Manos (long stick) competition, and Multiple-Weapon formats.

    Rules of Competition

    Padded Stickfighting Divisions
    I. Equipment
    Padded sticks will be supplied at the venue. The weapons used in competition will be 28" SMAK-Stiks™ for the Single and Double Stick Divisions, and special 36"- 40" SMAK-Stiks for the Largo/Dos Manos Divisions. A combination of the 28" SMAK-Stiks™ and a 12" SMAK-Stiks will be used for the Stick & Dagger Divisions.
    To insure consistency and fairness, competitors will not be allowed to use their own sticks for this event unless they are the exact kind used in the event. These weapons will be available for purchase at the venue prior to the event for those who would like their own.
    Armor requirements have also changed as follows:

    A. Headgear
    Soft headgear with a plexiglass face protector, offering full face and head protection is required. This can be a WEKAF Approved helmet with a replacement visor. This can also be the laminated foam type of helmet produced by Century, Macho, Pro-Force and other popular commercial suppliers. All helmets must be approved prior to the competition.

    B. Throat Protection
    Hockey padded throat guards are required for all competitors in the Padded stick divisions.

    C. Hand Protection
    A minimum of light hand protection is necessary. Light street hockey gloves would be an example of minimal hand protection.

    D. Groin Protectors
    Groin Protectors are required for all competitors in the Padded stick divisions.

    E. Additional Armor
    Light (soft) pads for the elbows, forearms, knees & shins may be allowed. An emphasis on lighter armor will be maintained for this division, an exact standard will be detailed here as we near the event.

    II. Legal Strikes
    With the following exceptions, strikes with the padded portion of the weapon are allowed to any area on the body.

    A. Thrusting
    Thrusting with the padded sticks will be allowed to the body, but not to the head or helmet area.

    B. Punol/Pommel Strikes
    No butt strikes, punol strikes or pommel strikes of any kind will be allowed in any of the Padded stick divisions, at this time. In future events, this is a possibility.

    C. Two-Handed/Dos Manos Strikes
    Two handed strikes are only allowed in the Largo/Dos Manos Division. Competitors may use a close “ends grip” for this type of striking, with both hands holding the weapon in close proximity to one another at one end of the weapon. Baton-style, split or “thirds grip”types of attacks of any kind will only be allowed if the padded portion of the weapon is used for contact.

    D. Spinning Attacks
    Because strikes to the back are now allowed, spinning attacks are also now allowed.

    E. Kneeling Attacks
    Fighting from one or both knees will now be allowed. The action will be called to a stop if the hip, seat or back touch the ground.

    III. Illegal Targets & Attacks
    The following targets and types of attacks are not allowed in this tournament:
    - Direct thrusts to the throat
    - Blatant attacks to the spine
    - Grappling, Choking, Locking, Sweeps, Throws or Takedowns
    - Strikes with hands or feet, or anything other than the padded area of the weapon
    Very specifically, this means that strikes to the groin, knees, ankles, feet, and back are now permitted in the Padded Stick Divisions.

    Scoring by Engagement
    All Padded Stick Divisions will consist make use of a semi-continuous form of competition defined as “Scoring by Engagement.” Engagements may be scored to the advantage of the attacker, to the advantage of the defender/counter-attacker, or to both, depending on the cleanliness of the attack or counter-attack and the perspective of the judges. This would result in a draw for that engagement on the judge’s scorecard.
    An engagement will be qualified for scoring once a blow or series of blows have landed that would, in the judges’ and referee’s eyes, at least momentarily stun one or both competitors. If an engagement does not meet that qualification, the action will continue. After 4 seconds of continuous exchange, with no scoring engagement, the fighters will be separated and the bout will continue.
    For each engagement in the Padded Stick Divisions, scoring will only occur if there is a consensus by 2 or more judges that the engagement qualifies for scoring. If there is not a majority consensus, there will be no score for that engagement.

    I. Scoring for Padded Stick Divisions - Single & Double Stick Formats
    Single & Double Stick Divisions will consist of a single Round, 2 minutes in duration, with no breaks other than to for scoring or emergency equipment checks.
    Scoring for each engagement in the Single & Double Stick Divisions will result in the following possibilities:
    A. One point awarded to Red Fighter
    B. One point awarded to Blue Fighter
    C. One point awarded to Both Fighters (Draw on the scorecards for that engagement)
    If there are penalties for that engagement (disarms, running, pushing, illegal strikes, etc.), these will be deducted at the end of the bout from the final score. The winner of the majority of engagements at the end of the bout will be considered the winner. In the event of a tie, there will be time allowed for a sudden death engagement, after which the first fighter to successfully score an engagement (no draws) will be declared the winner.

    II. Multiple Weapon Format
    “Multiple Weapons” is a new format that will test the skills of each competitor with a variety of weapon configurations. Each Multiple-Weapon bout will consist of three rounds, The duration of these rounds and rest intervals will be identical to those used in Standard WEKAF competition, which are dependent on the competitor’s age group (see details - link-new window).
    Most importantly, each Round will have a different weapon configuration:
    Round 1: Single Stick
    Round 2: Double Stick
    Round 3: Stick & Dagger
    The Single and Double Stick rounds will be Scored by Engagement as specified above. The Stick and Dagger round will be judged using the new Stick & Dagger rules (see below).
    Winners are determined by scoring the majority of engagements plus points awarded or deducted for penalties or additional points. At the end of the three rounds, judges will tally their scores and the winner will be announced. In the event of a tie at the end of the bout, there will be time allowed for a sudden death engagement, after which the first fighter to successfully score an engagement (no draws) will be declared the winner.

    III. Scoring for Padded Stick Divisions - Stick & Dagger Format
    This new format will consist of a single stick and a padded instrument which will represent a dagger. The stick will be scored as a blunt instrument (not a blade) and will score in a manner identical to the Padded Single Stick format (including legal methods of delivery, targets, striking areas, etc. (see above)
    Contact with the dagger will be scored as either a Minor Blow or a Committed Thrust. These are defined as follows:

    A. Minor Touch
    Any edgeblow, slash, or glancing touch to extremities with the dagger will be scored by the judges as a normal part of the engagement. To qualify for scoring, the touch must be effective and severe. This will have the same weight as any effective and severe strike with the stick.

    B. Committed Thrusts
    A committed thrust to the body will be scored as 2 points, and will be judged by consensus, requiring 2 judges confirmation to score. Three scoring Committed Thrusts will serve as a TKO, ending the bout much like 3 disarms in the WEKAF Standard rules.
    When a competitor lands a committed thrust, the referee will stop the action and prompt the judges to confirm whether a clean shot was landed. Judges will then score based on what they observed. For any engagement, if less than 2 of the 3 judges agree that a point was scored, there will be no score for the engagement.
    Judges may score differently. It is possible, due to differences in perspectives, that one judge may score only one point (for a scoring engagement), while the other two score 2 points for a Committed Thrust.
    If due to their relative position, the referee does not see the committed thrust, and does not call for a stoppage, the judges will signal the referee, and scoring confirmation will be called.
    For safety, dagger contact to the helmet, face, head or throat will not be allowed. Excessive contact to these areas will be considered unsportsmanlike and may serve as grounds for disqualification.

    C. No-Kamikaze Rule
    If a fighter deliberately and recklessly sacrifices their defense, taking repeated severe strikes to the head, in order to land a Committed Thrust to the body with the dagger, the thrusting attack will not be scored. Repeated infringements of this rule will prompt a disqualification, at the Referee’s discretion.

    IV. Scoring for Padded Largo/Dos Manos Division
    Scoring for the Padded Largo/Dos Manos Division will be identical to the Padded Single Stick Division, the only differences being the nature of the weapon and the type of grips allowed.

    V. Disarms
    In all padded stick divisions, disarms are scored as a penalty point against the fighter disarmed. Three disarms in a single bout will result in a TKO. A double disarm in either the Padded Stick & Dagger or the Padded Double Stick Divisions will also result in an immediate TKO.
    A single disarm in either the Padded Stick & Dagger or the Padded Double Stick Divisions will not stop the action of the bout. Fighters will be allowed to continue until there is a break in the action or a successful scoring engagement, at which point the deduction for the disarm will be scored in addition to any scoring points for the engagement.

    This is a SMAK-Stiks sponsored event. SMAK-Stiks Products will be sold at discounted prices!

    Including the new 36 inch padded sword!
  2. JohnJ

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    Great job on getting on board with WEKAF. Their venue will definitely open doors for business as the organization still has a large following. I am eager to test out the 40" staffs. Post a picture...did you include a handle or make it consistent diameter from tip to tip?

    What do you think about adding a 48" (standard 4' ft) staff?

  3. WT_ATL

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    Hey John,

    It should be a good venue, I'm really interested in how the judging will be based on the rules.

    As for the longer models, they'll be using a 36 inch sword with handle. This length has been field tested and should hold up well during the tournament. We are still testing longer swords, we have 40 inch prototype in the later stages of testing that looks promising.

    We also have a prototype of a 4 foot staff that is in the early stages of testing, mainly me wacking on my heaving bag. The next step is to find some people to help field test the product.

    Thanks for the reply, I will definitely post some video of the event.


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