New Modern Arnis DVD with GM Rodel Dagooc

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    Hi to all,

    I have produced a new Modern Arnis DVD with Grandmaster Rodel Dagooc, 9th Dan Modern Arnis, when he was in Germany in 2010.

    This is the content:


    Single Stick:
    - classical striking
    - offensive largo
    - offensive corto
    - defensive-offensive largo
    - defensive-offrensive corto
    - drill: parrying left and right, largo and corto
    - applications: largo and corto
    - applications: corto with disarms
    Disarming techniques
    - 10 disarms
    - counter to the disarms and locking
    - disarms with grabbing releasing and follow ups
    Classical knife
    - knife techniques against stick-attacks

    - GM Rodel Dagooc in the Philippines
    - the making of an Arnis-Stick
    - the making of an aluminium training blade.

    This DVD is available in

    english NTSC (USA, Canada, Philippines, Japan)
    english PAL (Europe, Australia etc)
    german PAL

    Here is the trailer to the DVD:

    It is the 4th part part of the series:
    Filipino Modern Arnis Masters and already featured are:

    GM Rene Tongson with "Abanico Tres Puntas"
    GM Jerry Dela Cruz with "Arnis Cruzada"
    GM Samuel Bambit Dulay with "Classical Styles of Modern Arnis"
    and now
    GM Rodel Dagooc with "Modern Arnis - Dagooc System"

    You find them here:

    Part 5 will follow sometimes in 2011, featuring
    GM Cristino Vasquez, with "Ipit Pilipit"

    I hope you wil like it.


    Datu Dieter
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