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Discussion in 'Admin Announcements' started by Carol, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><


    Since joining last year, I've met a few people that have interests in marksmanship including archery, competitive shooting, firearms, and the like. Some of you work these weapons in to your Filipino training, others enjoy them as a seperate pursuit.

    As a result, I'm happy to announce the creation of a Marksmanship Arts Forum, dedicated to the discussion and debate of all these wonderful ranged weapons!

    Hope everyone enjoys the addition.

    - Carol Kaur
    - FMATalk Admin
  2. anubis4b

    anubis4b New Member

    Great idea, Carol.
  3. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Thanks, Anubis!

    I'll be moving in some threads from other forums over the next few days...then we'll have even more to talk about :D
  4. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Then blow guns will also be considered in this forum besides arrows and throwing weapons ? Great, I like this new forum already. Thanks!
  5. Beungood

    Beungood New Member

    A very good addition to the forum. My Guro and I were just talking about addition a section relating to fireamrs to our website. I think some of the information will be password protected and some available for general information purposes (safety and related).
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Aren't there more archery fans out there?

    Archers on target to make history

  7. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    Great idea. Never bring a knife to a gun fight and never get shot for lack of shooting back. As a former machine gunner knowing that 80% of assaults have a weapon, these are words I live by.

    As a teacher, I can't have any weapons on me during work so I have always looked to improvise from my surroundings. I don't think that I could bring a blow gun to school though. Maybe I'll just conficate some spit wad shooters.

    Semper Fi, do or die, hold em high at 8th. and I,

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