NEW BOOK: The Balintawak System of Arnis-Escrima

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    Book is available at

    The book is new and first edition in paperback. It is published by Sudlon Publishing and was printed in Hong Kong. Book is hard to find and available only in the Philippines and is the most comprehensive book on Balintawak Arnis-Escrima. This is a must for FMA practitioners and collectors!

    Balintawak Arnis - Escrima is one of the most deadly Filipino Martial Arts forms of baton, knife, sword and empty hand self-defense.
    An all range fighting system that was continuously refined by the Great Masters: Venancio Bacon, Jose Villasin and Teofilo Velez throughout their lives.

    With over 1300 photographs this book features: Basic Arnis-Escrima, Principles and Exercises, Balintawak Arnis-Escrima, A brief History, Basic Balintawak, The Basic Foundation, Intermediate Balintawak, Grouping Method, Advanced Balintawak and End Play s Finishing Techniques.
    Book is written by John Russell, a native of Australia and was a long time resident of the Philippines. He taught Balintawak Arnis-Escrima in Cebu, Philippines, which is the Mecca of Arnis in the Philippines. He is a long time student of Jayme, who trained under Bacon, Villasin, and Velez.
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    Does anyone know if this book is still available?
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    Yes, i just got it from Rommel Miel.

    It costs PHP900, and includes shipping within philippines.

    You can contact him at 0918 442 2777

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