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Discussion in 'Doce Pares' started by salurian, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. salurian

    salurian New Member

    On saturday 9th of June 2007 GM Cacoy Canete has promoted a number of black belts. The promotion has been taken place at GM Richard Bustillos IMB academy in Los Angeles.
    The list is as of my best knowledge and maybe not complete:

    GM Richard Bustillo 10th
    GM Florencio Cautivero 9th
    GM Chris Petrilli 9th
    GM Anthony Kleeman 9th
    Master Ron Lew 8th
    Master Ted Sotelo 8th
    Master Wally Estopia 8th
    Master Ronnie Tapec 7th
    Master Sherril Johnson 7th
    Master Tom Meadows 7th
    Master David Amicucci 7th
    Master Angel Postigo 7th

    Please accept my apologies if I have forgotten somebody.
    Congratulations to all the grandmasters and master!

  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    That's great! Congratulations to all!
  3. tswolfman

    tswolfman Member

    Congratulations all
  4. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Congratulations to all who were promoted. My best to you all.
  5. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    Congratulations to all and especially to Master Guy Kihanahan (8th dan). He is one of the few Master that trains directly with GrandMaster Cacoy. Very skillful individual, lots to offer to FMA.
  6. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Congratulations everyone
  7. Sabre

    Sabre New Member

    Congratulations to everyone who was promoted!

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