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  1. Hi All.

    Bahad Zu'bu has a new website.

    Featuring Videos, articles, photos, and music!

    Check it out:

    All feedback greatly received.

    If you go to the "News & Article" section there is an article on "How to use the site" for full-screen options and turning the music off / changing tracks.

    Mabuhay Bahad Zu'bu Mangtas Baraw!

  2. I've also made a "lite" version of the website with no bells and whistles (or drums in this case) so people can access the static content at work / phone.

    Here it is:

  3. acm_inimisor

    acm_inimisor New Member

    thanks a lot simon. cool website
  4. Glad you like it :)
  5. Bahad Zubu-Florida

    Bahad Zubu-Florida New Member

    Awesome site, Simon!!
  6. Thanks. Seems to have got a poor response on this forum (and others actually!) but it's nice that complete strangers have contacted me through the site to tell me how much they like it. I really appreciate that as it's the first website I've built!

    Anyway, hope things are well in Florida Sam and to see you soon.
  7. qwertz

    qwertz New Member

    actually I really don't like the site. it has a bad user experience and follows more the path of "form over function". there are countless things that does not work or does not work as expected.

    maybe you should invest some more time into the site, as it is really easier to read and to navigate. I really appreciate your efforts, but nevertheless I think there is much room for improvement for the site.

    btw... what is a"natural fighting art"? in the short interview it is only very shortly mentioned, what an un-natural art is, but it is not explained, what makes bahad zubu a natural fighting art.

    kind regards
  8. Hi Gwertz. Thanks for your feedback.

    Maybe you should read the article "How to use this site" ?. Failing that please detail what does not work to your satisfaction.

    The users guide will probably help you out. If not I made the 'lite site anyway for people who want more functionality. As i said, it's my first website so maybe you can suggest "better fuctionality"?

    Regarding "Natural" movements in Bahad Zubu we have no deep stances (like forward stance), nor cat stances or cross steps etc, etc. It is very relaxed and natural.

    Thanks again,


    P.s Looking at all the coding mistakes in your post will tell you this internet business is not as easy as it seems, eh?
  9. qwertz

    qwertz New Member

    I already did that. ;)

    first of all, I do not know if my point are valid for every browser and flash version, but at least with my combination, there are the following problems:

    - if I read a news article, it is not obvious how to read the whole article, as there is not scroll bar anywhere. so if my mouse would not have a scroll wheel, I would not be able to read a whole article

    - if I am reading a news article and after wards, I want to read another one, I can not got simply back -- as the back button is not working, because it is a flash site. and as I am already in the news section, I can not again choose the news & articles menu item. I have to select another item -- one, I am not interested in, in the moment -- just to be able to go back again to the news section. that's not a very convenient kind of navigation.

    - the music from the player is to loud for my taste. so I lowered the volume, but with the next song, it goes back again to the full volume, while the player itself says it is still operating at a lower volume.

    - the music "techno tribal beats" is considerable louder than the other pieces, what is also inconvenient

    - the text in the menu titem "GM Yuli Romo" is smaller than in the other parts and it is therefore not easy to read.

    - the sub menu item are *very* small and therefor also not easy to read. with a normal html site, I would just zoom a little bit, but that browser feature does not work with a pure flash site.

    - in the photo section, if a select a photo, my mouse pointer will -- in most cases -- be directly over the picture after wards and therefore the picture is darkened. it is not obvious, that you have to go out of the picture, to see it in full light. especially as the mouse will be over the picture in most cases.

    - when I first encountered a page, where I had to scroll, I was not able to scroll. many flash pages just use arrows for scrolling and not directly a scroll bar. so when I saw the scroll bar, at first I did not recognized it as a scroll bar -- as it does not have a typical optic, because you are using flash. so I just clicked on the arrows on the scroll bar and wondered, why it does not work/scroll.

    that's just out of my head, maybe there are even more inconveniences.

    no, it dooes not. ;)

    and beside this, if a website behaves different than other websites, you should at least place a link the the user guide on the starting page -- otherwise some users will have problems finding it.
    that would be nice. and it will probably help your site being found, as google is not indexing pure flash sites. and as I already said, I really appreciate your efforts.

    hmmm... that's not very enlightening, as the word natural itself is not very clear. I guess, there are systems, that call themselves natural, that you would not consider natural and vice versa.

    so, what do you consider e.g. a stance? looking at starting at sec 14 it looks like GM Yuli Romo is going very deep there. is this a stance in your "definition" or not?
    yes... the forum software is doing strange things there...

    kind regards
  10. Thanks for your expanded comments. I am sorry you feel a lot of inconvenience. As mentioned it is my first stab at making a website. I did hire a professional to do it but after 3 weeks he hadn't started on it so I had to fire him...

    Regarding your points:

    From memory the users guide explains that if you hit pause the music will stop. If techno is too loud you can turn it down or choose a more suitable track.

    Thank you for pointing out the problem with the news article. That is a problem with the Flash template and my own verbosity. To solve this I will have to make use of html tags to move around the page.

    I will again look at that text but I remember it went very big or very small for some reason.

    Regarding "natural" it is not my definition but Master Yuli's, as quoted in the interview. I guess I could add "There are no deep stances without application". For example, if you're going to pick up a heavy box you're not going to do it with your feet closed together.

    In the video you reference you can see that Master Yuli uses the wide placement of his feet to pull Guro John onto the stick and as preparation for kneeling.

    The "ready position" of Bahad Zu'bu is a stance akin for waiting for a bus. Relaxed, with the feet about shoulder width apart and weight slightly on the rear leg. It's the same (distance wise) when moving - a bit like boxing. Ofcourse, if you pause it on video you will see a long stance but it's never adopted when at rest. Again, in the video it has application so why not use it?

    I am aware (after I purchased the template I may add!) of the google index problem. Apparently there are ways round it.

    It was my intention to make something that was unique and encapsulated our art in terms of photos, videos, and a few articles. I understand that Flash isn't ideal for everyone so I built the 'lite site. I will pay more attention to it in the near future.

    I haven't got round to adding the link to the "Lite" site from the main site as yet. I have many fingers and many pies...

    Thanks again for your comments.

  11. qwertz

    qwertz New Member

    yes, I can choose a more suitable track. but it will not only play the track, but it will play the whole play list. and if I turn the sound down, it will come automatically up, when the next song starts -- as I tried to explain in my previous message.

    ok, so this seems similar to any other system!? I mean even if a system trains their stances separately, the purpose normally is to apply it in an application -- as you mentioned it for bahad zubu, too. I mean I know no one, who says, that they are training an un-natural system.

    there is not reason not to use it. It just goes down, to what you consider a stance. even with no deep guard stance, it looks like, that you also have and utilize deep stances.

    I think with a little more work and attention to the details it can become a very nice site. keep up the the good work.

    kind regards
  12. Thanks again for your comments.

    The music will be hard problem to solve. The tracks are rare so I took them from youtube and converted them to MP3. That's why the Mindanao music is quiet and the techno loud. I will have to read around trying to adjust the volume before conversion.

    Regarding the "Natural" debate I take your point. It is a topic we have to handle with care because of "Style Polarization". I remember when I did Karate when I was younger. They have lots of stances and even a form for naming them. However, when it came to Kumite everybody was bouncing around like a boxer.

    My Father (3rd dan) used it in the Police for 20 years so go figure. He advocates a "Horse Stance" when fighting too...

    For me, I take "Natural" as something you would do away from Martial Arts, in your everyday life. Waiting for a bus, lifting a box, pulling a rope, walking, etc, etc. You don't need hours of footwork training to do this. It is innate, instinctive.

    However, there is always a counter-argument. I remember reading about a Chinese Jeweller. Everyday he could be found sitting in his shop. But he had no chair. He was a Kung Fu Master and trained his stance whilst working. So to him I guess the stance was very natural indeed.

    If you train something so that it becomes 2nd nature can you not call that natural?

    In the end, they're only words and definitions, theology, etc, etc. The real "proving ground" is sparring - without padding.
  13. Following on from Gwertz's helpful suggestions I am slowly making improvements to the main site.

    They include:

    - A link in the main bar to the "lo-fi" website
    - A link in the first news article to the Bahad Zubu forum where you can also read
    the articles.
    - Text made bigger on the GM Yuli article.

    I have discovered that there is a scroll-bar in the main news part but it's black. I've tried for an hour to change the colour but she's not having it. There is no scroll bar in the news articles strangely. I have contacted the template author for guidance regarding that one.

    I realize it's not perfect but in lieu of somebody making it for free / donating $500 or so I guess it will have to do for now ;)

  14. qwertz

    qwertz New Member

    that is mainly a problem because the volume resets with each new piece of music. if you can take care of that, the different loudness of the music should not be so much of a problem.
    that's kind of funny :)
    yes, for me too. but as I saw some bahad zubu footwork, where I does not struck me a natural I just asked, what your (or bahad zubu's) stand on the meaning of natural in the MA context is.
    good questions. I think something can become a second nature for oneself without being a natural movement/reaction.
    well said :) kind regards and thanks for your time

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