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  4. arnisador

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    Practicing disarms in the kitchen! Somehow that's so very FMA to me. There were two there I didn't recognize--one I'm sure I haven't seen before (the one-handed disarm that ended up in a figure-four armlock position, but held with the punyo).
  5. It was pretty cramped in their with the sticks flying that's for sure.

    I was gonna put "bahad Zu'bu - Anytime, Anyplace, anywhere!" on the video tag line but thought against it.

    Yep, GM Yuli is an innovator and has been famed for his dis-arms for a long time now.

    When he teaches us he doesn't stress them (just the basics) but they sure are purty!

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  6. The Old Way Traveler

    The Old Way Traveler a sponge for knowledge

    very nice videos mr. simon! thank you for sharing this...
  7. jwinch2

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    Some cool stuff in there. I really enjoyed the second one with the stick disarms... Quick question, have you seen him pull off those take down defenses against a committed attempt? How about his students? I'm not trying to start any crap or anything, its just that my "Spidey senses" just start to tingle a bit when I see those types of techniques and I have flashbacks of the old "Anti Grapple" techniques that some people were teaching back before grappling came back to the forefront. I have seen and trained with people that can pull them off, but it has been few and far between. From what little I know of GM Romo, I would imagine he can do it but I would be curious to see how many of his students can... I hope my asking this doesn't come across the wrong way as I really enjoy what little I have seen of GM Romo's system. I grew up in Iowa, USA where everyone and their uncle can wrestle so I learned early to fear the take down from someone who knows how to do it well in the scrapes I had as a kid. I suppose that has made me a little leery of things from time to time. Hopefully that helps to explain where I am coming from with these questions.

  8. Good question.

    It's late and also I'm not sure I can go into too many details....

    GM Yuli has his current overseas contract because the representatives came to the Philippines and tried many styles. For whatever reason they decided upon GM Yuli and Bahad Zu'bu. His current employers also have a roster of different instructors / ex champions from all over the world. Right now for example they are in Indonesia looking for Silat players to take back. Let's just say that GM Yuli is still employed and the others are no longer employed....from that you can infer they were "commited".

    I would like to go into more details but I can't.

    I myself was part of a system that had "Anti-Grappling" and almost 10 years down the line I see the instructors are now also BJJ instructors so I hear you. With GM Yuli it's a different kettle of fish all together.

    He has had no formal grappling training in his life but applies the concepts of Bahad Zu'bu to any situation you can envisage. Like all great Martial Artists he has a keen eye and can watch other disciplines and replicate and personalize everything he sees.

    Regarding his students I am aware recently one applied these same concepts against a guy with pro MMA experience and did very well. I've seen the photos but not the video ;)

    At the end of the day people come here from all disciplines from all over the world to "Try him Out". He is always game - seeing as he is in his 60s now blows me away.

    He truly is an inspiring and gifted martial artist / fighter. That doesn't mean that I or the rest of his students can pull off some of the things that he does. He has got there through 40+ years of hard / committed practice and learned from his broad MA experience and setbacks.

    It really is a shame the visa procedures are so retarded here (my wife even got rejected for a visa to visit the UK with me - work that out!) else you guys in the USA could experience it first hand - which is the only way.

  9. tkdbadass

    tkdbadass New Member

    Although I'm not trying to answer for Simon or those in the Phillipines I figure I'll throw my two cents in. Just like your from Iowa and I'm from Oklahoma were wrestling is predominant, I don't believe so in the Phillipines. So those take down defenses may work against a particular culture where the take down is not as thoroughly trained. So against that particular style of take down attack my work everytime. For example, texas doesn't have a particularly strong school wrestling system thus making them weaker in comparison to Oklahoma wrestling (as well as many other aspects ;-) ). So what is suitable for some in texas may not necessarily by suitable in OK.

    Then as your well aware of the buno and dumog (grappling) aspects are tertiary to the other aspects of FMA especially when people carry blades all the time. The buno and dumog of the FMA are slightly different then the grappling your accustomed to.

    Also the video looks like them just playing around and having fun. So they might have just been playing with one another and using the principles and contexts in a different manner.

    Hopefully, the SME can chime in and offer the real answers.
  10. A last post before hitting the sack and looking forward to practice tomorrow :)

    SME? What's that?!

    I can say the stuff shown in the vids came about through "Play" with a high level BJJ instructor from Brazil in a "Committed" setting overseas (i.e not "local" / "cultural" grappling) as earlier described. I have no reason to doubt GM Yuli. He was wearing the school's BJJ t-shirt when he returned from his contract of employment. To my knowledge the BJJ guy is no longer employed but GM Yuli is. Go figure. They are interested in "Combat Arts" after all.

    It's quite interesting as there is a BJJ Blue belt in the room when he's doing that stuff and he's saying things like "That's a foul! Neck Crank - you can't do that!" To which GM Yuli replied "So?!".

    I can not comment on wrestling as we've had not had any high level wrestlers pass through here. Too my knowledge GM Yuli has not encountered them as it's a sport. He is after all a Grand-Master (though he prefers "Great" heh heh) of Eskrima / Kali / Arnis whadjamacallit. You'd have to be pretty nuts to try and wrestle him when he has any sort of weapon in his hands.

    I compiled the video and shared it on here to show he's not too shabby without a weapon too ;)

  11. tkdbadass

    tkdbadass New Member

    I agree. I'm a bahad player myself and trained with John Brown for about 2 years. I'm not doubting GM Yuli, but stated earlier was purely speculating. As I stated in my post he was applying principles and concepts (typoed as context) of Bahad to grappling.
  12. tim_stl

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    to be fair, not all buno/dumog is so different from freestyle/folkstyle wrestling. much of what is passed off as dumog in fma is very specific and usually underdeveloped. there does exist buno that is actually wrestling.

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    Ang ganda. It's just amazing how different people express the core principles in their own unique ways. Very nice!

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