New Bahad Zu'BU GM Yuli Romo video...

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    I notice Yuli used some different grips in this video. Anyone have insight on this?
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    The youtube link (modified) is watch?v=_aGj7hvq84c
    But you dont need the whole web address
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  4. Thanks. Can these instructions be a stuck thread somewhere if there's no plans for a forum Mod?

    Regarding the OP I am not sure what insight you are looking for.

    What is it?

    Probably the "Pen hold" grip or something GM Yuli refers to as "The tongue of the snake".

    Why does he do it?

    It's really hard to monitor for the other guy if you have the ability to flow through a variety of grips.. It changes the dynamics of the movement and you can power that particular grip with your spine. Maybe not a fatal shot but it will certainly distract / cut you and he can flow into something else.

    How does he do it?

    Well, he's a Grand Master... Also, he keeps a relaxed grip at all times and monitors his opponent. He actually does the same movements with sticks and blades too.

    Hope this helps and all IMHO by the way...
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    I'll do it!
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    The best part is... you can see the character of the man. He is supremely confident, highly skilled, and treating his students/trainees like treasured fellow enthusiasts.. and he's laughing and grinning the whole time.

    Outstanding clip!
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    Watching Yuli is a breath of fresh of air to all "a bit too serious and hurts their partners without cause" types.

    He is truly one of a kind.
  8. Yep. He has tremendous control and his boundless enthusiasm is inspiring.

    To paraphrase the Master himself:

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    Mang Yuli is a nice fellow. I enjoyed my time with him. I highy recommend him to anyone who wishes to train and have fun doing so. He is serious yet funny all at the same time. What he shared with me is gold. I consider him one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the opportunity to train with. While I no longer come under the BaHad ZuBu banner I still consider him as the driving infuence that enabed me to build SEAMOK...his knowledge of flow, timing and application are second to none, and truly opened my eyes.

    Mabuhay Mang Yuli

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