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Discussion in 'General' started by markymarkd, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone. I'm new to this forum. I've been looking to study Eskrima for a short time but have been a bit disappointed to find limited instruction all over the U.S. Well, there seem to be a few more folks teaching in California. Anyway, I found a few studios that teach Eskrima. One specifically follows Doce Paris. The other two I have no knowledge of but they teach Tae Kwon Do along with Eskrima. Has anyone here heard of either of these places? Also, I'm considering studying Kenpo and Eskrima or Judo and Eskrima if I can find individual classes for Eskrima that aren't part of a program. I belive two of the three dojos listed have separate classes. ABQ, who I have already spoken to, told me that they've been getting a lot of requests for a second evening class while blackman already has two or three classes. Can anyone comment on crosstraining with Eskrima? That would help me a lot. I feel drawn toward Kenpo, Kajukenpo, TKD, and Judo.

    Any feedback would be most helpful. I haven't had a chance to visit and I'm also looking at a few other dojos for crosstraining. Me and my boys will be going and will also probably be making the decision as a family but it would help to have some guidance. I know Doce Paris is a good system and the other two aren't giving much information about their lineage.

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    Don't know much about the ABQ area, but here's some general tips

    Ask to sit in on some lessons so you can decide if they're good or not. While sitting in, pay attention to what the instructor says, and judge for yourself if you think he's full of **** or not.

    Observe the students- if ranking students don't look like they're very good at what they're doing, it's often a VERY BAD SIGN, because if you join that school, you're next on that path.

    Feel free to ask questions about the martial art, or maybe individual moves in particular. Most of all, remember you have plenty of time, and rushing into a decision might be worse off for you than anything else.
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    Thanks for the tip. I do have one other but there isn't a website that exists or the website has expired. That's usually not a good sign. What's sad is that the other place is/was an exclusive Eskrima school. Or so it seems. I have actually reached the NM area yet. I'm moving there in a few months. I will seek out the 4th school first since they may meet all of my needs for a school rather then one who integrates Eskrima into the program. Once again, good tip. I'm used to weeding through the b.s.

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    Where are you at in Arizona?
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    Moving to Nevada now just outside of Vegas.

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