Navadisha Seminar at Midway Kodenkan in Chicago!

Discussion in 'Seminars & Camps' started by NAGA, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. NAGA

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    Imagine if Bill actually did not like me.

    Hello Everyone,
    Yes Mariah tagged me on the orbital socket right below my tear duct under my right eye to be exact. Nevertheless, being a mere mortal is a very hard thing and she might possibly smack me again in the future, as I have been known to make mistakes. Also I have a wide array of scars on the left side of my face maybe she thought some "work" needed to be done on the opposite side in order to balance my rather unique facial structure. For the record though I can apply footwork (except against Mariah).

  2. PG Michael B

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    Damn John...LOL..should been shucking when you was jiving..float, float down the stream..gently as can be, merrily reneter on the two and knock em with a dream...LOL
  3. Letifer281

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    Wait.... John's human?
  4. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    A few more pics from the seminar

    Yes, it was fantastic seminar. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and I never saw glazed eyes.
    More importantly, everyone seemed to be constantly learning and their movement/flow was improving.
    Thought I'd post a few more pics and we're looking forward to doing this again soon.
    Hopefully in July.




  5. Impactedge

    Impactedge New Member

    I'll be there. Please bring more T-shirts.
  6. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Hey Bill, I haven't forgotten that we owe you some DVD footage of the seminar. Mariah's dad has some software issues we need to resolve before we can burn you some stuff.
    But I WILL get it to you.

  7. silat1

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    Sorry for not posting as much as I usually do.. It has been utter chaos here with the job and my being transferred to our northern precinct where we have a grand total of 6 people per shift and we have to patrol the northern part of the island plus keep tabs on a couple of remote communications sites that belong to an agency which cannot be named, but their initials are DISA. I also have been promoted to a position of advanced officer and have also been given the responsibility of being one of 5 advanced officers in our section.. I am the only civilian advanced officer currently at our northern precinct working on the night shift, but that is due to change as I am also scheduled to go to additional training in preparation to advance to another position within our organization..
    Gotta keep the supply of rattan coming in for my guys. But we are still slinging rattan and burning effigies of the stateside illinois practitioners of the FMA that I respect and if everything goes right.. I will have a small contingent coming to the sulong tourney in October pending any serious problems with our job and some stuff that is in the wind dealing with our training department and admin areas of which I can't go into as it is still in the works..

    Have fun people and remember, My 3 hr tour can be over at the drop of a few thousand dollars for airfare.. Takes to long to go by boat, that is why the SS Minnow is sitting on pylons with the hull still needing repair..

    Steve, as far as the dvd footage, no big rush.. I know you and the rest of the Michigan crew has other things in the wind right now..


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