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    my name is luis and i'm from southern california, near disneyland. i regularly train in san miguel eskrima as instructed by nong momoy's orihinal disciples of eskrima - depensa seguidas group, under my instructor magtutudlo ramon rubia. i would say that i've been shaped and molded by what magtutudlo ramon rubia, or ramon, as i call him, has shown me since april, 2001. i am not an expert, and strive to develop myself and my knowledge as a practitioner of eskrima.

    i watch eskrima and arnis videos on youtube a lot, and mostly pay attention to movement. sometimes i comment when i have something burning to say, but i mostly bite my lip. i don't care about fancy or elaborate drills or techniques, or how many forms a person knows. i basically care about the core movements [basics] and what it means when you apply stuff to fighting, both with stick and with empty hand.

    i deliberately left out kali. i don't believe in the origin of it. i have an uncle on my ilocano side who was born here in the us. he is originally from the san francisco bay area and trained in villabrille kali in the 80's. he used to tell me kali is the mother art, blah, blah, blah. well my father is from negros occidental, the alleged birthplace of kali, as well as my oldest brothers and sister. we also have family in mindanao. there is no mention of kali by ilongos, only eskrima or arnis.

    kali may be a widely accepted term outside of the philippines, but that's only because of good marketing strategies and practices. as an educator in a public school system, and being educated myself, i only believe in artifacts and concrete evidence - things that are observable, measurable, and obtainable. kali is none of these. the techniques are inherently filipino, but the claims to the origin are invalid.
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    Welcome! I've heard so many different terms for the FMAs that I'm at a loss to understand what is original and what isn't. I wish some history Ph.D. stduent at the U. of Phil. would study it for a dissertation topic.
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    I don't even know if that would be enough ;)

    Welcome, Strunk! :wavey: Glad you joined us!
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    Don't know of a UP student, but I have been told about university scholars with documents and artifacts on the subject from Cebu. Apparently there are folks in the know...just an FYI.

    Glad to be here!
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    Welcome to the forum.



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