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    This is from the footwork system DVD from Tuhon Tim Waid.

    A very detailed video of the footwork of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. Too detailed if you ask me....
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    The version of the "N" footwork Tim showed is a good, basic way to begin training in this technique. Having symmetrical arms on the N, M and W makes for a manageable transition between basic triangles and the more advanced versions of these patterns.

    Here's an example of an advanced version of the N footwork that you may find interesting. Make the last leg of the N asymmetrical, so that the first two legs of the triangle are followed by a sidestep on the last leg. So the sequence would look like this: advance on the first leg with a diagonal strike, retreat on the second leg with a diagonal strike, then on the last leg quickly advance with a sidestep on a parallel course to the opponent's advancing line (that's the point of your retreat, to get him to advance and commit his weight forward) meanwhile, you deliver a horizontal strike, thrust, etc. ( a forehand if moving to your right and a backhand if moving to your left).

    The sidestep allows you to maneuver around the opponent's guard and strike him from behind. It's a move that requires good timing, which is why this footwork is found in the advanced sections of technique. Keep in mind also that the strikes are not fixed. Under this theory you can use any diagonal strike on the diagonal legs and any horizontal technique on the last leg.

    You'll find this technique as part of the Advanced Footwork video sold on the PTI website. This video is offered two ways. One is on a DVD and comes with a Cold Steel polycarbonate Escrima stick. I really like these sticks for solo practice or for hitting tires as they have the weight of a hardwood like kamagong, but also have some flexibility like rattan to reduce the stress on your joints during impact. This package is $40 plus shipping for non-PTI members (PTI members receive a 25% discount off this price).
    You may also get this video via direct download (without the stick of course) for just $20.
    Please visit the PTI website for more information: http://www.pekiti.com/

    Tuhon Bill McGrath

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