My Solemn Responsibility

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    congrats lolo mike:)

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    When you do what is real do it not what you like

    When sports mentality is in the Martial arts then it is what you like but if the mentality is in combat ,it is what is real . Martial arts as a sport yes , not the real Filipino Kali/

    It is not what you like it is what you dislike is a real martial arts.
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    HURRAH my friend!
    Let me shake your hand.
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    Living with the culture

    How many times heard people say that Philippines is a dangerous place. Even the US advisory tells us Americans that Philippines is a dangerous place. That is one the reasons that many who try to study esrima , arnis and even kali are afraid to come to the Philippines.

    I see around that there are so many sophisticated displays of products that I have not seen in the US and there are high risk building and more the high risk traffic. There is only one traffic rule here. Organize chaos with controlled hands and fieet. There is no left and riight lane or right turn or left turn . There is head signal. Once the head of your car is inside the body will just follow.

    Manila is a riot and other towns are just as good as the silent night in Nevada and Dakota very lonely. But what excites me as I stayed more days in Negros is the fact that I know the street by heart because My Walk with God style makes me more stronger and alert every minute of the day.

    Philippines is the Montezuma of the Pacific if you don't it well, but once you are a part of the movements of the people. You are more safe than if you are surrounded with a thousand body guards.

    PTK training is a continous conditioning to break bones, crack heads , cut necks , It is tough to be in the place where the art is, more in the traditonal practices.Training is what we make, it is that makes one an authority. It makes one more confident and more secured than anything else.

    Many are talking about FMA but do they trained the way we do, do they have power like we do? do they have same mentality like PTK? Do they have the same Philosophy and fortitudes as PTK? What is very consoling is that here in Negro,s Bacolod city, Grandtuhon had been approach to teach the whole RMG and Swat team PNP for the entire Negros. Grandtuhon is very much in demand. His time and even his private time is being eaten up by so many in demand. I didn't realized that PTK is highly wanted by law enforecement agencies.

    PTK can stand and PTK is very solid in the fleld of teaching and in the field of actual combat procedures.

    True FMA is the man that takes all the training by heart.
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    Congrats M.

    Hope all is well with you.

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