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Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by franci1911, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I am am American with a an Italian descent with a Sicilian ancestry. Why I left Kenpo Karate after my first experienced with the PTK seminar in the early 70's , with one answer. I needed a fighting system that clicks to my blood-line and I found this in Pekiti-Tirsia. I have more enough intelligence to know and understand what I want in my blood-line. I want reality, I want action , I want satisfaction for every effort I made it must be perfect. I made a point that I have to be in New York City to be close to GrandTuhon to have the training I wanted and to satisfy my obsession. I was happy and I am still happy.

    If am forceful to defend PTK it is because I know the ins and outs of PTK and I know that for more than 30 years I have done my personal study and comparative evaluation what an edged weapon can do against the empty hands. If I spent my 20 years in empty it will be solved by a one year study in PTK. If my years and effort plus money will go down to the drain for a wrong education then I won't be here in this forum.

    I am forceful to state the facts of the system, because I am now in the Philippines and in here you can say that what you see and do is testified by actual experienced and actual training. Those who are in the PTK that had personal exposure will have things to say.

    In the final analyzis what you argue or what questions you may have about PTK without personal Hands on, or personal touch of the culture. You will be asking so many question that even you yourself won't know the answer. Soon as the most Senior of the PTK I will have to fullfill the test for MASTERY, to join the Force Recon Marines for a Test Mission into the jungle of Jolo, and Basilan. As well into the thickest Jungle of the Philippines. Not because I want to be somebody but this is in my blood-line. I want to satisfy my obsession without regrets. If I be successfull then I can come back to tell you and everybody, Where you when I was in the midst of night under the mercy of darkness? I can navigate and fullfill the mission.

    If I cannot come back then it is history. This is the PTK discipline .

    100% yes, 1 percent it is up the one to take it. If you have one percent, amble with PTK and you will never argue. Soneone to lead for others to follow. This is the reason why I like PTK, the Philosophy is Sicilian Philosophy.
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    It's good to be pleased with your choices! But,w e must remember that we all like what we do...that's why we keep doing it.
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    Yes it is good to be pleased with ones choices. And I was only speaking of myself here and referring to no one else. I was speaking of no one elses likes or dislikes. That seems to be obvious to everyone on this forum about everyones choices in the way that we all respond to these posts.
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    If you have that warrior mentallity in your blood, then put it to good used. Blackwater is always looking for a few good men, and they are making good money in Iraq as private security forces. Iraq is the place, if you want to test your warrior mentallity. (no disrespect to anyone)
  5. Gilla

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    You are assuming that Mike did not serve, also being a warrior does not mean you must be in the army. Are not cops and firemen warriors. Also remember when u assume you make and ass out of you and me.(quote Felix Unger The Odd Couple)
  6. excalibur

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    No I am not assuming, I am mereley stating that individuals with great skills in the arts of fighting and want to really test themself, then they should put it to use. Plenty of bad guys out there.... to answer your questions about cops, and firemens,,etc..warriors. so are nurses, cooks, airline pilots.... dads, moms, grandpa, grandma, all walk of life.. don't you think...
  7. Raul

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    Its like when an old lady got mugged.. she mumbles, "Where are the kali warriors when you need them?"
  8. excalibur

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    Its like when an old lady got mugged.. she mumbles, "Where are the kali warriors when you need them?"
    The Kali warriors are at work, being a good citizen
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  10. franci1911

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    I have trained several individuals who were on there way to Irag. Personally I don't want to get into my opinion about the war over there. Also I have served my country many years ago.

    As well I have trained many individuals that were and are Policemen, Firemen, Nurses, Cooks and the Like. Training in any martial art whether it be FMA or any other discipline doesn't necessarily get you into mind set and warrior mentallity it takes a lot of work.

    Oh by the way everyone I just became a Nonno
    Eva Sofia Franciotti
    6lbs 12ozs 20 inches
    29MAR08 0549

    Hope the Picture comes out

  11. The Game

    The Game Pain

    Congratulations. Picture didn't come out though.
  12. arnisador

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    hey, congratulations!
  13. artvilla2

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    congrats mike....lolo ka na kamo?
  14. Buwaya

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    How long till she gets a Ginunting?:)
  15. Scarab

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    Congratulations from Eric (from the last PTK conference in Lipa)
  16. excalibur

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    First of all, thank you for your service of this country. From the beginning of your post, I did not mean any disrespect to you. (I mean that in a sincere way). If there was anything I said that hit the root canal, let me extend my apologies to you.
  17. franci1911

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    Don't feel that you have to apoligize for the way that you feel. Everyone here is very passionate in the way they feel about FMA. Unfortunately we often get muzzled when we verbalize our feelings because of a few CRYBABIES HERE. I speak from my heart and sole and I offer those feeling to those here on this forum who would like to hear. And also to those who don't want to hear it. Sometimes we disagree and sometimes we do not. The great thing would be that we should have the right to do either or. We should be able to agree to disagree.

    Oh I forgot. Thank you everyone for your warm Congratulations on my Granddaughter. She shall hold onto the Ginunting as soon as I get home.
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    Guro Mike,

    Congrats to you in regards to your new grandchild!!

    p.s The pic didn't come out.

    See you soon
  19. Mandirigma

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    Yes NO CRYBABIES please.
  20. franci1911

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    We talk of culture not talk and text. My culture and the filipino culture blends in an exceptional degree of feelings and attitude. As I said am a Sicilian by blood line. In war and in peace I am a warrior . I have complete arcenal, you name it I have it . I am a life time member of the the NRA. I shoot , I interpret and evaluate all actions dedicated to combat from the blade culture discipline.

    If I serve my country directly or indirectly that service is 100% no mental reservations if I put my skill into reality it is because that is propelled by my blood line.

    I was challenged to the Test mission to go into the heartland of conflicts in one of the Islands in Mindanao and my first response was yes " anytime"If I am cleared to go I go if not now and some other opportunities I will always not to disappoint the calling.I am here for one mission to test the Sicilian blood.

    I will go to places where no one dares question will you go with me. So don't challenge me to join the Blackwater to go to Irag. Irag is in your street, in your cities, in your backyard. You don't need to go to Irag to prove your guts. Comes the day the same killing will be there in your city and it hadppened before and it will happened now.

    My point is you must have discipline to say anything . Eddie Hunt of New York City can speak with authority because his blood line speaks from his heart. he took PTK on his belt line because he knows this is his happiness. PTK is our life line, you remove PTK , you remove us. So we stand by what we say.

    Good luck guys.

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