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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by Sabraxas, Feb 13, 2008.

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    There is a racial component. Redneck is a term that applies to white people.
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    My neck is red because of my continous exposure to the sun in the sunny south pacific islands. This is in line with my arkansas connection.. The only thing I am missing in my truck is a gun rack so I can hang my kris and barongs from it while I drive the island roads.

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    Hi new guy here. I just posted in the meet and great section so I won't repost what I wrote there.

    Sabraxas glad to hear your OK. I know the neighborhood too. Archer and 35th separate McKinley Park from Hoyne Park. My family has lived in that area for about 100 years. My Dad grew up in Hoyne Park, my Mom was from McKinley Park. I grew up in both hoods during the 70's and 80's. They were always a pair of tough hoods. But those are all over the city. I don't think it's any different now then from when I was a kid. I have recently had to move back due to a personal issue in my life. So I am again living in the house I grew up in. I noticed the neighborhood has changed, many different types of people then from when I was a kid, but it's still a working class area. Be careful where ever you go. You never know whats around the next corner.
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    Human Nature

    Hello All,
    To paraphrase one Christian Theologian, Sin is the only verifiable part of Christian doctrine as it is proven everyday. It does not matter where you live or what socio-economic background you come from, there will always be those who do not recognize or respect the dignity and sanctity of human life. Just recently a man murdered four women in a clothing store for a whole $200...... The community this occured in was upper middle class!

    "Fariy tales do not exist to tell children that dragons are real. Children already know that! They exist to tell children that they can be slain."
    -G.K. Chesterton
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    Wecome Jeremiah,

    Hope to meet you on my next trip to Chicago. You won't be disappointed learnig from John, Norm, Marcia and Jose. Great group of people. I was blessed to meet them through Grand Tuhon Tortal.

    God Bless, Mike

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