Music for arnis/eskrima/kali training

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  1. What music do you recommend for training? Especially with a lot of drums and a good rhythm. Thank you!
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    I recommend Enigma, Apocalyptica, or any progressive metal band. They aren't to distracting, and would fit well with vigorous counter-for-counter.
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    You can go to youtube and look for some of the video clips that is from mindanao and indonesia which has the tribal music.. In the Philippines, the music is called Kulintang which is a lot of percussion and gong and is a fast pace.. You can also go to some of the music from indonesia and do the same, the only difference is that the music from Indonesia is a lot slower in pace, but has the same gong and drum type of music.. I use the Kulintang from the Philippines and the sumatran music from Indonesia.. The Kulintang is good for aerobic and the Indonesian is good for sayaw or forms when and if you train with them..

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