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    I gave a class the other day and after the more serious practice with wood staffs, I brought padded weapons for people to have fun with.

    The group is pretty new, so dont expect perfect form, but I think it went pretty well. Next time I will try to be more demanding in tecnique, but I wanted to see how they would free roam too.

    We just had one padded weapon of those and I wanted to allow full contact and to focus the drill on space and distance management, so I made this simple rules:

    -Outside players need just to ligtly touch the Solo Player to score. (no punches or kicks allowed) .

    This is simply to safelly represent the breaking of distance.

    -Solo fighter must deliver a strong strike and at good distance to score, must also not be touched at the same time he strikes (by any other player).
    Since the Solo fighter is armed he can not just ligthly tap the opponents, but must do a propper strike, hence the soft weapon to freely strike without fear of hurting anyone. (thrusts could also be used)

    In resume, the idea is to not focus on hitting but on space management, however the strikes must be powerful enough to be threatening and disabling, so that the opponents actually stay away.


    Would really like you know what other fellow stick fighting martial artists think of this kind of practice and if you do something similar.


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