Mugger with knife shot twice by victim

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    Southbury man accosted while having lunch


    A Southbury resident shot a knife ­wielding man who tried to mug him Monday in New Haven’s well-known Wooster Square neighborhood, police said.

    William Kiselewsky, 65, was eating lunch on Wooster Place by a church, near where he works, on Monday afternoon when a man identified as Hector Santi­ago, 40, of New Haven, approached him with a knife.

    Santiago threatened to kill him and demanded money, said Of­ficer Joe Avery.

    Kiselewsky drew a handgun and shot Santiago twice in the chest before putting the gun down and calling 911 on his cell phone, police said.

    Santiago was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where a hospital spokeswoman said he was in fair condition Tuesday. Avery said Santiago’s wounds are not life-threatening, and that he is recovering.
    Although the investigation is ongoing, Avery said Kise­lewsky, who has a valid pistol permit, likely will not be arrest­ed based on accounts from witnesses and Kiselewsky, who told police he acted in self-defense.
    People must have a permit to carry a handgun in Connecticut. Applicants can’t be convicted felons and must complete a handgun safety course before they become licensed.

    Kiselewsky did not give a formal statement to police because he wanted a lawyer present. He was released pending further questioning.

    Santiago has not been interviewed because he is in the hos­pital.
    Avery said he could face charges after the investigation concludes.
    Kiselewsky did not immediately return a telephone call for comment Tuesday.

    The shooting was in an Italian neighborhood frequented by visitors to New Haven’s leg­endary pizza restaurants, located about a block from Columbus Park.

    Avery said police are logging more crime in that part of the city, but that the neighborhood generally is regarded as safe.
    “We’ve had a lot of muggings over there recently,” he said.
    “It was only a matter of time be­fore someone tried to mug someone, and that person didn’t want to play.”

    I don't want to play either!
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    Good for him! Self-defense encompasses more than just empty-hand combat...sounds like this man had awareness, preparation, and willingness to act going in his favor!

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