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    What to look for?
    By OCman44 - 02-14-2009 09:19 PM


    Hey everybody,

    I recently took a trip down to the OC kickboxing training facility in Southern Cali a few days ago to check out their Kali-Escrima lessons. I wanted to get a feel for what I would be training with instructor wise and how they run their sessions. Now Im new to this as my previous posts indicate but I was wondering from you experienced guys who train in Kali, What should I look for in an instructor or in the training sessions that indicates a bad instructo/good instructor?

    Ive been told that I'd better not waste my time nor money if the instructor/s are not all too great and look else where which in my case would be Inosanto Academy.

    They allowed me to watch and participate in some execises that they were doing specifically a few disarms and then we did a flow drill. Now, since I was there and the instructor had to take the time to teach me these things, Im not sure if their session would have been different if I was just watching so Im not sure what would have happened training wise for them. Like I said, Ive never been to a kali session before so Im not sure what to look for and hence my reason for posting here today to try an find out what you guys think I should look for.

    Im also wondering if Inosanto's Academy would allow me to do the same where I'd participate in some drills for the first time so I could see what their place is like. In all honesty, it felt like their was a lack of seriousness in their training but what do I know? Im still new to this but Im willing to give it another try before committing myself. I could be wrong, who knows. I do know that apart of the training is to have fun but if Im going to train in this, Im going to put 100% into my training while Im there and when Im not there. I want to get the most out of my training. I also asked questions in regards to their training in the substye of kali such as Dumog, Panatukan an so forth and Im not sure what type of answer I got. Should these substyles, the ones I named be apart of the training or is that something entirely different? Would I get that training at Inosanto academy?

    Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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