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    Venezuelan Garrote (stickfighting)...
    By geezer - 06-06-2011 03:44 PM


    I don't know how many of you guys have heard of Garrote, but it's a stickfighting art with a sort of curious parallel development to FMA. Anyway, an old Wing Chun/Eskrima friend of mine has spent the last couple of decades researching this rare art to promote and preserve it for the future. It turns out he's coming through Phoenix on his way to do a demo in Las Vegas at "CombatCon". I've talked him into giving a demo when he's here... See below:

    It is my privilege to invite the Valley's FMA community to attend a special workshop in the rare stickfighting art of Garrote with Prof. Bruno Cruicchi of Caracas Venezuela. Prof. Cruicchi, a noted linguist, has studied and taught various martial arts throughout his life, including various forms of Kung-fu and Eskrima. In recent decades he has devoted himself to preserving and promoting interest in the little known art of Garrote as practiced in the villages of his native country.

    The workshop will be held Tues. evening at 7:45pm on June 21st at the Christown Branch YMCA on the NW corner of 17th Ave. and Missouri in Phoenix. A voluntary donation of $15 is requested. For more information please contact Steve Frerichs at or phone (602) 358-9520

    OK, I'll be honest. I don't know anything more about Garrote than what I posted above... and what little I could find on youtube. But, I'm always really curious. If there's anybody else who lives in the Phoenix metro area who feels the same way, get in touch! It should be fun. --Steve (aka "Geezer")


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