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    Thinking of starting
    By Supra Vijai - 12-04-2010 09:04 PM


    Hey guys (and girls),

    I'm currently training in JMA - Ninjutsu to be exact - and have been for close to 3 years. While I love the art and find it versatile enough to cover a wide range of aspects, I'm finding I get a lot more of the traditional side of it rather than the "street". Now Ninjutsu itself was never designed for use in today's streets so that makes sense but it means I'm a little deficient with a few areas.

    I sat in on a class at a Doce Pares training centre near my area and am interested in cross training. I've mentioned this to my sensei who's said he thinks I'd probably get a fair bit out of it as well. I was just hoping to get some clarification on the distinctions of the different systems? Doce Pares on here is listed as it's own system, I thought it was just the name of the school - similar to the Bujinkan with Ninjutsu for example.

    Also, from what I've read in the past, Arnis, Escrima, Kali etc are all just different names for the same art based on where it's from. Is that right or they actually different arts? Is there one in particular which is more suited to be adapted to street/modern self defence?

    Also one final thing, I'm not huge on competitions/tournaments. Nothing against them or people in them but I'm after something that's a bit more "real" and combat based rather than sport based. Thoughts on that would be good too!

    Thanks in advance :)


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