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    success in an FMA school
    By thekuntawman - 11-28-2009 12:25 PM


    instead of being preachy im just going to give a few tips, but lets have a brainstorm, as my wife calls it. i know most of you dont have a school, but instead of talking about why youdont think its going to work, lets have ideas for how it can work.

    • skill--the teacher must be good at what he does. i dont think you need to give your guy a demonstration (i dont like giving demos), but when you sign him up, good skill will enourage him to keep training, because he wants to be like you. my guys watching me spar or train is a great motivation for them to train, which is why i take them with me when i fight. so a teacher has to train, as part of his business day. its just as important as a good sign or good ad
    • good location--doesnt have to be nice neighborhood. my school is in a gang area of sacramento (oak park), we have bullet holes in my doors, i even been in a fight myself right in front of my place. but when your a good school, people will come from all over to study with you. none of my adults lives close by. but it helps to have a school that can be seen from a busy street. my experience,,,, dont do the back of warehouse space. unless you want to spend a lot in advertising. i know a guy in DC, dennis brown, who put his schools in warehouse spaces (he had 4 schools) and only one was in a "good" location. the money he save in rent, had to go to advertising. last i talked to him, in 1999, he told me he was moving to his own buildings, which he is buying (mr brown had more than 1200 students then), but if he could do it again, no more warehouse!
    • discipline to put flyers--i think this kills a school, to open the place and then wait. it is scary for many students to study, but many people want to learn. get in there face as much as you can, posters, flyers on cars, doornob hangers at their house, even a radio ad (you can get it as cheap as $250). the more they see you, they will get closer to coming in.
    • dont offer too much--i have two ways to join, month to month and pay in full 6 months. there is one tuition rate, and mine is high, but no confusion. students appreciate that. then for classes i offer four things, kung fu, eskrima, kickboxing, and coaching for fighters. if they want kuntaw, i dont let them for the first year or two. i think too many classes will sound like your jack of all trades and the more serious students who stay longer want a deep program, not just the skin of an art.
    • make sure they get results--if the student feels himself getting stronger, he will work harder. its kind of like if you swim across a river. your lungs are burning, but the closer you get to the other side, you swim harder and harder to get there. when the student sees himself getting good skill, he will work harder to get all the way. when he feels like no difference, he will lost interest.
    • learn how to teach--you can have rally heavieweight students join, or they are older, or scared of everything like his own shadow, or he is a smoker, etc. but the best teachers is the one who can take a weak man, and erase his weaknesses. i dont think most tough guys will take lessons, you get mostly the weak ones. some of my toughest fighters in my place now, are the pencil necks and fat boys of 5 years ago. do this, and you will keep those students a long time. when you keep a student longer, you dont have to work hard to get new ones. i know teachers who will starve if they dont get new students, because they lose them just as fast as they come.
    anybody else?


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