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    Strike the hand
    By fangjian - 05-11-2011 04:18 PM


    It seems like around 75% of the time that when I am reading the history of Modern Arnis and look at the accomplishments of Remy Presas, I often see something like this:

    "One of Remy Presas' contributions to FMA, and probably, one of the most important contributions, was the idea of striking stick to stick. In classical FMA the stick is considered sacred so Eskrimadors would always strike the hand instead. Remy changed this idea and now FMA is safer and more widespread now because that. "

    Now I don't mean to take anything away from someone like Remy Presas, since he is a pioneer, but this seems rather silly. Presas invented this concept? C'mon. He studied Balintawak. We often defend stick to stick.

    Some may think I am nitpicking but I hate misinformation, no matter how small.


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    Sounds like whoever wrote that worked for the mass media. They have no clue what they are talking about. I won't even get into the stick to stick or hand to hand part. I find both the quote and the comments very interesting and amusing. So many thoughts going off.
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    I wrote that. Please enlighten me.

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