MT: sparring, blade based vs. stick based

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    sparring, blade based vs. stick based
    By billcihak - 08-13-2011 02:56 PM


    I came across this video on my youtube page, youtube (HAL) found it and put it up there for me. It brought to mind the difference between sword based practice vs. stick based practice. It has been mentioned to me that the philosphy you tend to find in stick fighters is, "yes, you hit me, but I am now going to hit you more and harder." And since the weapon is a stick, it is possible to absorb a lot of punishment. Sword based sparring is different, in a way. True, a stick can knock you out, but if you are hit across a long bone or across the abdomen, it hurts, a lot, but is not necessarily debilitating. Another example, you can be thrust into the chest or abdomen with a stick, and once again, it may hurt, a lot, but unless you hit the solar plexus, the odds are you can suck it up and continue. A hard thrust with a sword causes the body to go into shock(?) and blood loss. Having watched a lot of Dog Brothers and other stick fighting matches, how would you change the sparring to take into account the differences in a sword. Just swinging at each other, without regard to the point and edge of the sword doesn't seem like a viable way to train with a sword.:s59:

    I finally found a way to put in the fencing smilies.


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