MT: Single Man Drill?

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    Single Man Drill?
    By stonewall1350 - 04-03-2011 02:37 AM


    I need some help yall. I have been in Kali for a very short period of time. I enjoy it very very much, but I cannot dedicate myself to it 100% because I have already dedicated myself to my bjj (loyalty and respect to my instructor). What I would like help with is if anyone knows any drills that I can do alone? I will be taking 4 months off from both arts during the summer to be a counselor and I will be focusing on getting healthy in both body and spirits(life has kinda been rough and stressful recently). I know what to practice with my bjj(stretching and footwork). I will have access to sand, trees, water, and sticks...lots and lots of sticks of numerous sizes weights and densities.


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