MT: Remy and Ernesto Presas and Kendo

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    Remy and Ernesto Presas and Kendo
    By billcihak - 06-28-2011 04:34 PM


    I am currently studying Dekiti Tirsia Sirada Kali, a sword based FMA, but I origially started out in Modern Arnis and my instructor is also ranked in Kombatan and has a lot of experience with modern arnis. I am curious about an incident involving Remy and Ernesto Presas when they went to Japan, and I was wondering what the Modern Arnis community might know about it. I have been told that when they went to Japan, they were scooped up by some friendly police and taken to the police academy to fight against some of their police cadet, kendo students. Does anyone know more details about this story? Thanks.


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