MT: Proper form help.

Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by balita, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Proper form help.
    By Xtrmbikin - Sat, 23 Feb 2008 15:28:17 GMT


    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice. I just joined a JKD/Kali-Escrima school and can't wait till my next class but have been wondering about what the proper Kali-Escrima basics are. I've only had one class so bear with me. We did a warm up consisting of a bit of stick twirling to loosen up. I did my best but I couldn't help but feel uncoordinated and uncontrolled. My instructor was explaining to us that the spin comes from the wrist and not the elbow. I think thats what he was saying. I've been looking around on youtube for some basic drills but couldn't find what I was hoping for. I would like to better understand proper grip and form when you spin the stick in figure 8's and such. How can I stretch my wrist to allow for better flow and what are some basic drills that I can do to improve on these things. My next class is in a few days and was hoping to be able to practice over the weekend. I hope I didn't confuse anyone.


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    I think the poster (at MT) will need a few more classes before he can comfortably practice at home! Focusing on edge awareness for now would be my advice.

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