MT: pekiti tirsia Kali in DC? ... and a question about sayoc

Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by balita, Sep 25, 2006.

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    pekiti tirsia Kali in DC? ... and a question about sayoc
    By dok - Mon, 25 Sep 2006 17:51:15 GMT


    Greetings All

    this is a bit of a mirror to a question / post I made in the indochinese MA forum - I'm exploring the possibility of training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali and looking for instruction in the DC area (noVA, southern MD, DC)

    While I'm on the subject I'd like to politely inquire about something I'd heard about sayoc Kali (and why I haven't really been exploring it much) - is it true that the training given at lower levels is progressively invalidated as one 'increases' in levels? gonna quote something I read on another forum - not that I'm taking it as gospel, but it gave me pause and I'd like feedback on it :

    "Sayoc Kali is a big investment of time and money .... To really grasp the style takes a long time b/c they dont show beginners everything. Not that they have "secret moves" but some techniques and concepts are so simple to execute, that A) they dont want you to rely on them and B)they dont want the information in the wrong hands. It seems like the farther I go in Sayoc and hit another level, everything I was previously taught or thought was true turns out to be false."

    Is that statement accurate? and if so, does it hold true for other FMA's as well? thanks in advance!


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  2. arnisador

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    I don't know much about this, other than that the (empty?) left hand becomes more and more important as time goes on in that art. But, that is true to some extent in many FMAs!
  3. dok

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    whoah hadn't noticed this post made it over from MT ;P
    thanks - it made me a bit curious.
    what I've been wondering more and more is whether or not sayoc isnt neglecting somethign important when they ignore sticks. Doesn't stick training help build better coordination and speed when those movements are translated into knifework?
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I think most Sayoc groups do train in the stick. It used to standard, then they focused strongly on the knife, but now I have the impression that emphasis on stickwork is on the rise again.

    However, even if the group you find is in the All Blade, All the Time mode, they'd still do some work with sword-length blades.
  5. Sun_Helmet

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    No that's false.

    What you get is a better understanding and breakdown of the details in the knife work that would otherwise not be productive to teach a new student, because they are still installing correct muscle memory. Muscle memory which the new student can use right away if needed.

    As one advances, everything becomes SIMPLER, because as in anything, you've put in the time, training and reps. In Sayoc, the training principle is that as the student becomes more and more experienced the formulas and methods offers them a distinct personalised system. They are no longer moving the same as all the new guys, they start to become their own person. A new student wouldn't be able to do that because all they can handle in the beginning is imitating what is given to them. Sayoc Kali wants the new student to progress through time so that they are able to understand, evolve and develop into their own.

    When we look at great masters in action, everything they do looks simple, but ask any specialist in their given field - it looks simple but it took them a lot of practice to make it look so easy. :)


    Our stick work is under the Sayoc Silak (formerly Sayoc Fighting Systems) banner which encompasses all the non blade material. So students who do not want to train one or the other can focus on those curriculums.

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  6. Brock

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    Actually I'd have to agree that it is a big investment of time and money, but then again the investment is probably worth it. I liked the Sayoc Kali I did at Philipinopalooza back in '02 I think it was, but I'm not located in an area to train in it extensivly, or I'd invest the time and money myself.

    Rafael, I loved your work on that Conan book years back. My sole reason for slapping the cash down for it actually.
  7. Leadfeet

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    P/T in Dc Area...

    Not sure if you are still looking but the club I practice with does P/T, we are having an intro seminar this weekend, look at that section for info and website link.
  8. arnisdc

    arnisdc New Member

    Kali in DC

    As a DC FMA instructor, I try to know all the instructors in the area. So to keep things simple I made a map of all Arnis, Kali, and Escrima in the Metro DC area (and a little beyond). Here it is:


    PS. If anyone knows of any I missed, let me know.
  9. bailong

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    Good morning everyone. I'd like to mention that our club, NOVA KALI, teaches PTK. I make it a point to attend and support my PTK brethren by attending local and some regional PTK seminars and outings, within my capacity. I am disciplined as an instructor and as a student, and still developing, through dedicated training with my mentors. This is what is expected at our training. We leave "EGOS" at the door. I have been under "Kuya" Doug Marcaida for the last couple of years, have been at many seminars with GT Gaje, and have had many privates with him as well. I have been truly blessed through my PTK training. As well as being a PTK practioner, I am also a certified Blackbelt for many, many years in Tang Soo Do, Hap Ki Do, and Tae Kwon Do. I guess you can say I take my training seriously, and this is why I love what we do in PTK. It's not just about the knife or the stick, it's about building relationships, and development of yourself and those with you.
  10. bailong

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    Ed of "DC Arnis", how are things? I just wanted to thank you for considering all of the FMA instructors in the metro DC and southern MD area. I know that it takes energy and time that you could be doing other things with. Again thanks!

    NOVA KALI Instructor,
    Anthony Pellicano
  11. L2Brothers

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    Teaching and Learning process in Filipino Fighting Arts is taught on Thought Provoking Process providing the students the ability to analyze the methods and be able to convert that analysis into complete principle of exact science - The Science of Mathematics...

    Stick is My Book and Blade is My Bible...
  12. L2Brothers

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    Hi Rafael. Bobby (The original 'FOB's). Kumusta na Bro? E-mail me at: Regards to your brother Ricardo.

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