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    The DVD Advanced Ngo Cho by Jose G. Paman was just released by Unique Publications. This is a follow-up to the popular book Ngo Cho: Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor Kung-Fu (2007) by the same author. Advanced Ngo Cho features the system’s distinct Principles of Execution, the iron body form Tien Te Chien, the combat form See Mun Pa Kat, and a complete section on fighting applications and combinations.

    For those unfamiliar, Ngo Cho is the most widely-practiced Chinese martial system in the Philippines. The major Ngo Cho hierarchy moved to Manila’s Chinatown in the early 1900s with the onset of trouble on the Chinese Mainland and eventual takeover of the country by the Communists. Ngo Cho was a secret art practiced only by people of pure Chinese descent in Manila until the 1970s, when the Kong Han and the Tong Hong Athletic Clubs began allowing Filipinos to train.

    Ngo Cho kung-fu has been so integrated into Filipino culture that it is widely considered among native practitioners to be a Filipino martial art. Elements of the system have been incorporated into, among others, the hard-hitting Visayan art of Tat Kun Tao and the Bakbakan curriculum. Among the noted practitioners of Ngo Cho are: Alex Co (Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu), Daniel Go (editor of Rapid Journal, the leading martial arts publication in the Philippines), and Christopher Ricketts (Bakbakan).

    Jose G. Paman was among the first Filipinos to be admitted into the Ngo Cho system and was a disciple of Master Co Chi Po, noted fighter from the Kong Han school. He has been writing on martial arts-related subjects since 1985 and has published more than 120 articles and five books. Paman was the winner of Inside Kung-Fu magazine’s 2007 Writer of the Year award.

    You can view details of Advanced Ngo Cho here:

    ...and of the book Ngo Cho: Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor Kung-Fu here:

    As a first-generation graduate student of GGM Ernesto A. Presas at the Arjuken at Quiapo in Manila, moreover, Paman is also a leading expert on Kombatan. He earned his lakan isa in 1974 and actually predates many of the current masters in seniority. Paman wrote the best-selling book Arnis Self-Defense: Stick, Blade, and Empty-Hand Combat Techniques of the Philippines (Random House, 2007).

    Here is information on that book:

    Paman is also the California correspondent for Rapid Journal. Here is its website:

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    I love looking at Ngo Cho and seeing the similarities to Okinawan Karate!

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