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Discussion in 'FMA From Around the Web' started by balita, Sep 20, 2010.

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    New study group advice
    By David43515 - 09-20-2010 08:26 AM


    Recently began talking with some friends here in Sapporo Japan about forming a small group for practicing kali. I used to practice a bit in the States and would really be introducing everyone else to it. I`m not an expert and don`t claim to be. And Since I don`t claim any rank, we certainly wouldn`t be able to legitimately offer any ranks to others. It`s just an informal group of guys getting together to learn the basics, practice, and enjoy themselves. However, if the group gets large enough, say above 20-25 people, I`d kind of like to be able to host some good instructors for seminars sometime.

    Most of the guys who are interested so far have backgrounds in Judo and Aikido. So they`re no complete beginners, but have no weapons experiance. Any advice?

    Also, does anyone know any MA supply sources in Australia or the Filipines where we could order sticks etc without having to import them from the US? A closer source just seems like it`d be less expensive in the long run.


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  2. FilAmfighter1

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    Hey Balita,
    You can order direct from
    Nonito Z. Abiado, CEO
    NZA Trading International
    1227 Paulo Street
    Parkview Homes, Sunvalley
    ParaƱaque City
    Website: (Netiba Certified)
    Mobile: 00639176023347

    He has been really square with me in the past, he does take Paypal
  3. gagimilo

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    One of our forum members, Simon, also sells directly from the Philippines. You can reach him at:
  4. silat1

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    We have a couple of instructors here on Guam who might be able to help you at a later date.. I teach Sinko Tiros and Balintawak and I just started as a group leader for Dekiti Tirsia.. Our other instructor teaches Bram Frank's CSSD blade program as well as Cadenilla Escrima from GM Vic Sanchez.. We are only 4 hrs flying time away.
  5. Thanks Gagimilo for the shout.

    Yes, we've sent a few bits to Japan before.

    The OP may also be interested in our BZ Japan website too:

    BTW all - after being scammed for over $1000 recently we hope to have some rattan sticks on the website soon....


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