MT: My daily workout... what would you add/remove?

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    My daily workout... what would you add/remove?
    By MSTCND - Fri, 08 Sep 2006 16:45:18 GMT


    Hi, Gang!

    After being away from my martial arts training (at least the physical part) for a few years... I've started training again on a daily basis... It's been a little over a month now... and the soreness I was feeling after each workout (especially in my wrists and elbows) has gone (for the most part)...

    In preparation for a MA seminar I'm attending in October, I've been working hard to knock the rust off of what little stick skills I have... and push them to the next level... as I'd like to make the most of this upcoming MA/Balintawak seminar with Mr. Hartman...

    My daily workout ranges from 1-3 hours... mostly depending on if I am off... and what "honey do's" the Wife has lined up for me... And, as I'm currently working alone, I feel that I'm somewhat limited in what I can do... Because of this... I thought that I'd list what I'm doing now... and see what my MA Seniors thought would be good to add/remove...

    After a good general warm-up... here's what I do as a "stick warm-up":

    Solo Baston - Right-handed - SINGLE Strikes 1 to 12
    Solo Baston - Left-handed - SINGLE Strikes 1 to 12
    Double Baston - SINGLE Strikes 1 to 12

    Over the mounted tire in my garage, I have a PhotoShop picture of the Professor that says, "First, go slow!"… this is something GM Remy drills into you in his BB magazine videos... so, I start slow... and build up speed until I feel loose enough to start my actual workout:

    Set One: Paired Strikes 1-12 (Ex. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc)

    Round 1: Solo Baston - Right-handed
    Round 2: Solo Baston - Left-handed
    Round 3: Double Baston

    1 minute break (rest or jog in place)

    Set Two: Paired Strikes 12-1 (Reversed) (Ex. 12-12, 12-11, 12-10, etc)

    Round 4: Solo Baston - Right-handed
    Round 5: Solo Baston - Left-handed
    Round 6: Double Baston

    1 minute break (rest or jog in place)

    This next part may be a little confusing, as I can't post the PDF of the actual chart that I use. But, here goes!

    Set Three: Paired Strikes 1-12 (Ex. 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, etc)

    Round 7: Solo Baston - Right-handed
    Round 8: Solo Baston - Left-handed
    Round 9: Double Baston

    1 minute break (rest or jog in place)

    Set Four: Paired Strikes 12-1 (Ex. 12-12, 11-12, 10-12, etc)

    Round 10: Solo Baston - RH
    Round 11: Solo Baston - LH
    Round 12: Double Baston

    Set's 1 & 2 are getting easier and easier... especially since I spent two-weeks JUST working my LH... and now have a much more "alive" left side... I liken these first two sets to practicing musical scales...

    Set 3 & 4 are giving me brain cramps right now... mostly because I just added them... but, I find my stick now almost moves itself at times... kind of cool!

    After I complete all 12 "rounds"... I finish by burning myself out with double baston flow and power drills on the heavy bag (the others are done on a wave-master or the tire)... 1-12, 1-4-9-8-3-2, etc...

    The 12-rounds alone put over 2300 hits into the bag... the rest just to take me to the point of muscular (and mental) fatigue...

    OK... so... what do you think?

    What would you add/remove from this routine?

    Any other training ideas for an information hungry Antas Isa?
    Thank you in advance for all those who reply!

    Best Regards,

    Andy :asian:

    P.S. Yes! I do have a MA Guro... two in fact (IMHO)... Guro Chad Dulin is my main teacher (and a good friend)... and I'm starting up with Guro Sal at Cebu West (only 20-minutes across the border into PA from me)... so, I'm not trying to do this all by video or printed venues... but using the videos and books to supliment my mano-e-mano instruction.


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