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    Martial Arts of Bohol
    By LoneRider - Mon, 04 Aug 2008 22:59:51 GMT


    I'm going to the Phillippines in two months to visit my paternal grandmother who lives in San Pasqual. I haven't seen her in over fifteen years and I owe it to her to visit the province where my family began before I deploy to Iraq as a Navy Individual Augmentee (basically I'll be doing electronic work with an Army unit).

    I'm recalling old stories of my paternal grandfather, unfortunately long deceased, a hero of World War II who used our native martial art with the bolo to deadly effect against Japanese occupiers in the jungles of Bohol. Also my great grandfather before him was known as an uncorruptible chief of police in the province, a keeper of order and justice who bore his truncheon and .38 revolver when making his rounds. I wonder if there is an MA style yet to be discovered from the old stories of my family.

    My maternal grandfather used to say that an armed Filipino with a bolo against a Japanese fighter with a katana could get inside his opponent with ease and hack open his guts with a swing. And indeed my paternal grandfather used such a weapon to kill a Japanese officer who had razed a village in Bohol for aiding the resistance. The Japanese officer swung the katana, narrowly missing grandfather who ducked the blow and ran him through with the bolo and twisted.

    I wonder are there any FMAs native to Bohol?

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  2. Buwaya

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    Methods native to Bohol? Sure..

    Any still around and alive today....that's the question...
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    I think I should elaborate. Off the top of my head I can't think of any public "systems" that stem from Bohol, but...if you read alot of the oldtimers stories and interviewers, when they list off methods or masters that they fought against (ie, Batagueno, largo mano, ect) Boholano isn't uncommon on the list.

    So, at one point and time Bohol was known as place eskrimadors hailed from. As for today? That's a very good question....

    Good luck in your digging. I have family in Bohol too, so I'm interested in what...if anything your able to turn up.

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