MT: Looking for Sam Tendencia's Disciples!

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    Looking for Sam Tendencia's Disciples!
    By NDG714 - 01-27-2009 06:48 PM


    If you are a disciple of G. Master Sam Tendencia please contact Nap. David Guillory at
    It is time for the disciples of Sam to unite!

    If you were a student of Sam then and know were a disciple of Sam is please contact me at

    Thanks, ndg714


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    GM SAM has passed away. I will always remember the lessons he taught me, his warm smile, and his healing hands. He opened my eyes to many things the short time I stayed with him, the biggest was see the root- ignore the technique- see the root.
    Thank you GM Sam, you are remembered and you live on thru those you have touched and crossed sticks with.
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    In Memory of GM Sam Tendencia, He had a good life and a good fight (AUG. 24 1920 - May 23, 2010 E.O.W.)
    Yesterday at 8:37pm
    my grandpa my GrandMaster Sam just passed sometime this early morning, lots of people/students/patients he healed and taught are gonna missed him in many ways: FMA Arnis Combat Judo for Japs.
    " He was already well versed in both arts when the Japs invasion struck. During the second world war and the Japs occupation of the PI, Sam served as a guerilla in Panay with Mac Peralta's forces. He eventually became first lieutenant in the PI scouts, and organized the "Lancer" division, which harassed the occupying forces throughout the entire war. His wartime exploits earned him Distinguished Medal of Honor, American Liberation Medal, and General Douglas MacArthur's Medal of Bravery. After the war, Sam began teaching martial arts at his alma mater. Ironically, Sam's destiny lie in the very nation he had done so much to harass during the war. Sam relocated to further his knowledge of healing and fighting arts. He became proficient in shiatsu, the Japs art of deep tissue massage and finger. He arrived 1969 and immediately started preparing for career in police work. After earning a degree in Criminology, he became a SWAT team instructor for the Tucson Arizona Police Department (AZPD SWAT) He is listed in "Who's Who in American Law Enforcement." In spite of his extensive years in law enforcement, Sam Tendencia has always found greater comfort in the knowledge of the healing and relief from pain he brought to so many. "If a martial artist is truly good, his knowledge of the human body rivals that of the most learned physician," he says. "And that knowledge can be used to take them apart." Hilot is an indelible part of the Phillipine culture. "There are different kinds of hilot. Some function as midwives, others totally do psychic healing - not the quack type you've seen so much about on the news but actually healing through energy." " It is vital that the three sessions take place three days in a row, so the coating of tissue over the injury doesn't re-form. The first session is simply to break down the coating around the traumatized area. The second one is just for safety's sake - to make sure everything's been done. Then, after that, if the person needs it, he or she can come back once in a while for 'booster' sessions," he adds. Although Sam cannot profess to having a medical practice, most of his clients have actually been referred by doctors, chiropractors and dentist. "They send me the hard cases," says Sam. "Particularly the dentists. People are getting TMJ (problem relating to the temporo-mandibular joint, commonly called "lockjaw") quite often these days. They spend anywhere from $15,000 and up for surgery. A hilot can fix the jaw situation a lot of times." Sam also has a pet theory on the cause of the recent outbreak of TMJ. "The double hamburger," he says, with a knuckle. "People stretch their mouths open too wide to bite into it." That's all for now.

    I love you We love you and we'll keep the Arts alive with Speed, Movement and Strenght (SMS) R.I.P.

    Christian G. Tendencia & Family, David Guillory (WWW.ARNISTENDENCIA.COM)

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