MT: Kali Escrima or Krav Maga?

Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by balita, Dec 23, 2008.

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    Kali Escrima or Krav Maga?
    By OCman44 - 12-23-2008 02:17 PM


    Heya everyone,

    Its been awhile since I last posted but Ive still been researching which self defense art to take. I recently stumbled upon Krav Maga which I heard is a great self defense program.

    Im not asking which is best because they are all good in their own unique ways but of the two which would be better for more realistic self defense situations?

    Ive got a couple great schools nearby for both. For kali Ive got Inosanto Academy and OC kickboxing(Inosanto Kali)
    As for Krav Ive gotta look into where its at nearby but I do know there are some places.

    I love Kali because of its fluidity and nature of training with weapons and moving to empty hand. Ive been told that Kali is amazing in real life situations but Im just hoping to get some more responses on that from you guys - the community.

    Krav more looks sorta choppy in its techniques.


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  2. arnisador

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    Inosanto Academy nearby? How lucky you are!
  3. Navadisha

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    Since I train in both Commando Krav Maga and FMA, this is really a hard one to answer. They're not exclusionary but complementary.
    My main partner is a longtime Krav instructor and we trade skills.

    I find that Krav is great for ingraining repeatable skill sets and reactions that will save your ass in a bad situation. And it is designed to give options and escalation without any BS. And end the conflict with finality in a very short manner.
    The FMA I teach him helps refine his skills (and they're formidable) so that he's just that much better.
    We train traditionally and then when we're done I'll often show him how the concepts translate to application in Krav.
    Against a minimal to moderately trained attacker, CKM is incredibly useful and resourceful. We've found though that if the attacker is crafty and tricky (like say FMA) the Krav practitioner may prevail but he will be harmed.

    Why not train both (assuming monetary isn't an issue)? You shouldn't have problems with them conflicting.

    If you wat a good workout too, yeah you won't go wanting with Krav.
    Also look for Kapap in your area.
    Just like other arts, there are some krav schools that are watered down.
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