MT: Is your FMA "flavored" by another martial art?

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    Is your FMA "flavored" by another martial art?
    By geezer - 11-19-2011 08:41 PM


    Some FMA practitioners are very concerned about "the purity" of their arts, others are equally proud that their arts spring from diverse roots. Some of these arts are ancient hybrids of Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese and native Filipino arts, while others show more recent influences from Japanese-Okinawan sources, Chinese arts, and Western boxing. For example the arts of the Presas brothers appear to show a heavy influence from Karate and Jiu-Jutsu, Latosa Escrima, Torres DTE, and others have a lot of boxing, Dog Bros. "Kali-Tudo" has a lot of grappling derived from BJJ as well as native Filipino sources. And, it seems that often these eclectic or "blended" FMAs are as successful as a good Filipino "adobo".

    So my question is this, "Is your FMA blended or do you see it as something "pure"? And if it is a blend, what other martial arts influenced your personal expression of the FMA you practice?"


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