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    Inheritors Of The Art
    By MJS - 02-14-2012 05:46 PM


    While surfing the web, reading various sites, and talking to different people in the Modern Arnis community, I've seen people talk about being an inheritor/successor to the art of Modern Arnis. Now, I'm sure that GM Remy said things to alot of people, and I'm sure that some people have taken advantage of the man. Hey, if he actually designated someone as a successor/inheritor, then so be it, as long as it was done with a clear head, knowing fully what he was doing.

    So, are there in fact successors/inheritors of the art? If so, who are they? Should we have a successor/inheritor?

    Hopefully we can have a good discussion here, and some of the lurkers will actually come out of the shadows and post. :)


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