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    In such a short time...
    By Nyrotic - 07-18-2010 02:49 AM


    So I've recently discovered an Escrima school near where I live:

    And I've really been wanting to learn the martial arts of my cultural heritage. However, I've got a few things that are concerning me.

    First is, I'm only going to be living near this school for roughly the next 8 months, and I'm concerned I won't be able to learn a substantial amount of the art to consider myself self-sufficient. How much can I learn realistically in such a short period of time?

    Second, there are free boxing classes where I'm stationed (From a rather legitimate, albeit hard teacher) and I'm wondering if there would be any benefits or consequences from learning both boxing and Escrima at the same time. Or perhaps I should focus on one art not try to take in both at once?

    I would really like to learn the art of my heritage, however I'm more interested in learning an empty handed style right now, and considering the short amount of time I have and from it seeming that Filipino martial arts generally teach the weapons portion of their systems first, it's seeming to not be the greatest of ideas...


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    I wish it had been there when I worked at NPS! There was Balintawak in Salinas but I didn't learn about it until too late.

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