MT: How Ugly is your FMA?

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    How Ugly is your FMA?
    By geezer - 08-23-2010 05:43 PM


    I've got a problem. I would like to promote the two FMA's I study, Latosa Escrima (LWS) and Direct Torres Eskrima (DTE). They are both great systems but, unfortunately, they are kinda ugly. Now let me clarify. I don't mean "ugly" as in "badass", dangerous, or cruel, although they are both very effective self-defense arts. I just mean ugly as in "not pretty", devoid of flourishes and elegant moves.

    This is especially true of the Latosa system which is all about simplicity. Over the years, GM Latosa has increasingly paired down what he teaches more and more. Now it's just five hits and defenses, basically one stance, simple, minimalistic footwork and footwork, and no emphasis on disarms, twirls or flourishes of any kind. It's more like a narrow river that runs deep. Like boxing, which outwardly has only a few punches and steps, but is very difficult to excell in, this art is still very difficult and challenging. Torres DTE, although a bit broader in scope, is much the same....which is not surprizing since it's founder once studied with GM Latosa.

    So what's the problem? Well as I said at the outset, I'd like to promote these arts in my area, but first of all FMA isn't that well known to begin with. So you don't get a lot of inquiries from prospective students. And even when you do, they want to see flash, not simple, powerful and effective striking. They want twirls, locks, grapples disarms and throws, not a system that looks for a simple pre-emptive strike to end a threat and save yourself in a realistic situation. Something an average guy could actually use, not a fantasy from a martial-arts movie.

    So, my question is, do any of the rest of you love to train in an "ugly art"? If so, how do you attract students or training partners?


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