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    Heard of this guy/school?
    By OwlMatt - 11-23-2011 11:58 AM


    I've been training mostly in aikido (with some taekwondo on the side) for the last two years. Lately, I've become dissatisfied with my aikido club and have started looking at other martial arts options.

    A place near me called Four Winds Martial Arts in West Allis, WI claims to teach Doce Pares escrima, along with BJJ, kickboxing, and other stuff. Their head instructor, Thomas Sipin, claims an incredibly long list of qualifications that seems a little too good to be true: 9th degree black belt in Doce Pares, the Midwest US representative to Doce Pares International, tournament director and team coach for escrima tournaments all over the world, former president and US director of World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation, and tons of other stuff.

    Escrima looks like fun, and adding some BJJ to the mix might be even more fun, but I confess I wouldn't know good escrima from bad escrima, or even from pretend escrima. So I'm putting the question here: this guy claims to be a really big name in Filipino martial arts in America, so have any of you guys heard of him or his school?


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