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    General FMA questions
    By K831 - 12-27-2009 03:44 PM


    I have some general questions about FMA. I have been involved in many styles of martial arts, but predominately varying types of Kenpo, with the focus the last few years being on American Kenpo.
    I have studied some FMA for brief periods, but in those instances, not much discussion happened regarding the background, lineage, history etc. I liked a lot of what I learned, and have often wanted to integrate some type of FMA into my training again. I can only make it to my Kenpo school once, maybe twice a week.
    That notion has led me to pay attention to posts, threads, schools etc that are on the subject of or teaching various FMA’s.
    That has caused me to realize that I lack much by way of clarity on the history and differences of the various types of FMA’s out there.
    Below is a bullet-point list of what I understand of FMA. I am hoping to gain a little context and background from you all.

    -Indigenous to the Philippines. No, or very little, outside influence from other arts. Unique in that beginners start with weapons in conjunction with empty hand techniques, as weapons techniques are seen as simply an extension of the hand. Much of the motion/mechanics/tactics are based on the triangle (in terms of footwork, angles of entry etc)

    -Eskrima/Kali/Arnis – these all seem to be different words that describe the same thing; A Filipino art teaching sticks, blades,weapons. I assume the different terms are used to describe arts from a different lineage, or region? How different are each of these and where do the different terms come from? Is a person at an Arnis or Eskrima school learning the same basic art as a person at a Kali school?

    -Panantukan – Empty Hand Filipino techniques. This seems to be basically, Filipino kick boxing. My question here is; is this a separate style? Or is this the word used to describe the empty hand techniques you would learn in any Eskrima/Kali/Arnis class?

    -Suntukan – Filipino boxing (seems like dirty boxing basically. Boxing with the addition of back-knuckles, hammer fists and some elbows.) Is this a separate art? Or again, is this simply a word to described the “hands” portion of Panantukan?

    -Balintawak- I don’t know what this is. Seems to be a “regional” type of Eskrima/Kali/Arnis. The videos I have seen of stick work from Balintawak used the butt of the stick more, and seemed to favor a closer range of combat than that of other FMA vids I have seen. Does this style have much by way of empty hand work? Do they utilize kicks at all?

    -Any grappling counterpart to the FMA’s?

    In looking to integrate some FMA into my training, I want to know what I am looking at, and determine what region/lineage/style would likely fit my needs better.
    I have seen some Panantukan videos that were really impressive, as well as some pretty neat Suntukan videos, but you don’t see schools for these two anywhere.
    I also really liked the Balintawak clips I saw, however, I don’t know much about it. I have been told however that there is a Balintawak teacher in the Phoenix area, so I am interested.
    Some Kali/Eskrima/Arnis I have seen I really liked, others , not so much. I don’t know what (region/lineage/individual practitioner) is making the difference.


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