MT: FMA in Kitchener, Ontario?

Discussion in 'FMA From Around the Web' started by balita, Mar 3, 2011.

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    FMA in Kitchener, Ontario?
    By Brian Johns - 03-03-2011 12:35 PM


    Hello all,

    Am posting this on behalf of a friend (not a student of mine) who will be moving to Kitchener, Ontario soon. He is looking for FMA in that area.

    Any information in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    Brian Johns


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  2. Datu Tim Hartman

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  3. BakbakanCanuck

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    Hi Guro Brian,
    Depending on how far he's willing to drive, there's a JKD school in Mississauga that also offers kali (Pekiti Tirsia I think). The owner's a nice guy named Joey.

    There's also an Astig Lameco group in Brantford, don't know if they have a website.
  4. nocturn

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    I live in Kitchener Ontario. There is one fma school downtown, I spoke with the instructor once, a few days ago because someone he was with had rattan sticks and we started a conversation.
    I haven't been to his class myself, though I was planning on checking it out. I believe he teaches Dan Inosanto's system.
    If your friend wants to check it out, I could give him directions.
    Also, if he is looking for a training partner, I may be interested.

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