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    FMA Histories and Philosophies
    By Ronin74 - 01-01-2009 01:02 AM


    First off, I should say this is based on personal experience, and not a concrete fact. This is just something I've always wondered about.

    From my experience, I've found that FMA generally had a more aggressive (but not necessarily beligerent) mindset than some of the other arts I've tried. I've also been told that their respective communities had rivalries that bordered on everything from conversational slander to outright challenges. I'm sure thing like that aren't exclusive to FMA, but I've never seen them at that level in other martial arts. It brings me to this topic.

    I've read about how a lot of the histories and philosophies behind FMA were either destroyed by colonization, or fell to the wayside to focus more on combat and survival. From what I've seen and heard, most of the histories today are passed on verbally, and sometimes with disputes from other sources who say otherwise.

    On that same note, I always think about how Japanese martial arts connected with Bushido, or how Chinese Arts related themselves to Taosit, Buddhist ways, or even how Malaysian arts went hand in hand with the teachings of Islam.

    I've always wondered if FMA had philosophies or a set of beliefs that were a part of the training, and if perhaps they were lost- and possibly the reason why there's sometimes a considerable amount of strife to be found between FMA groups.


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    Orascion is one of the esoteric practices of Filipino escrimadors. Healing is another. The personal sword (not small knife) is handled only by its owner and never drawn unless to be used to take a life. Sword maneuvers were staunchly guarded and never revealed to ordinary students. SInce not everybody will have access to these practices, the implied knowledge of some or all these things suggesting one belongs to the core, elite, exclusive inmost strata of the clan will create animosity among groups or even members of the same group.
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    "My kung fu is better than yours." "Your karate cannot defeat my karate." Watch any martial arts flick and you will see the same thing no matter what martial art you are talking about. You'll see the same thing in any dojo as well about why their martial art is the best. To say that this rivalry is greater in FMA is a futile argument. There are many bloodier examples of clans fighting and infighting in clans in the histories of China and Japan over the same crap.

    You better watch out. "The Tanaka clan is attacking." "Shoalin Kung-fu can defeat all evil."

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