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    Espada Y Daga DVD Released
    By Dan Anderson - Thu, 14 Dec 2006 01:09:51 GMT


    Hi All,
    This DVD is the result of my research and investigation into how one can gain skills while using both edge and impact weapons. The footage for this this DVD was taken at a seminar at the Daiwa Aikido Dojo in Los Angerles, California on September 17, 2006. In this DVD I go over how to translate what you know from using the double stick into both baston y daga (stick & dagger) and espada y daga (sword & dagger). This DVD contains 20 different drills which you can easly learn and expand your art.

    This DVD is a visual companion to the book Espada Y Daga - The Sword & Dagger Fighting Art. Note: This DVD is roughly one hour thirty minutes long and is strictly on the subject of Espada Y Daga. It is different from and contains far more information than the Flow Drills DVD which comes with the Espada Y Daga book.

    Included in this DVD is a rare 1975 video clip of Grand Master Remy Presas executing espada y daga with Prof. Max Pallen as well as seminar footage of GM Remy Presas teaching at the Pacific Northwest Summer Camp.

    Here's the link -

    Dan Anderson


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